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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Roosevelt Park Parade - End of the Beginning ??

Saturday was the Roosevelt Park Day Parade. Thank goodness while the weather remained unseasonably cool, the rain held off for the parade.

Again I’d like to thank the Westwood Reformed Church of Roosevelt Park for holding their annual breakfast (pictured above)at 8am before the parade for all the participants. The cost was only $3.00 for all the pancakes and sausage milk juice and of course coffee you could drink or eat. It is always a nice way to start the day.

For the “Hooked on Hansen” team we had a good turnout for such short notice.

As usual the parade was loaded with lots of participants floats and the like. This is probably the areas 3rd largest parade just behind Fruitport and the Muskegon parade, although Pentwater and Whitehall are right there too. The people came out in force and braved the cold in sweatshirts and I saw a few winter coats. Good thing global warming changed it’s name to global climate change. But I digress. Lol. The kids as always had a blast and got lots of candy. To them it must be like Halloween, but with the houses coming to them.

Goeff Hansen got to goof a little with “Stan” the Lumberjack’s mascot.

Goeff’s Democrat challenger Mary Valentine was right behind us. She was there with one person giving out candy. So far the Democrats aren’t showing much enthusiasm.

I handed out a few hundred flyers and Joemaflage of Youtube fame, , who walked with us and handed out flyers too, he brought his family too. Pete Wills and his wife and child were there too. Leonard Bathrick filled out our crew. A couple of people from the Hansen crew had previously gone door to door with flyers a day before. People noticed.


Update on Bill Cooper’s “Thanks a Million”.
Below is a link to the Cadillac event on MLive.


Sat. they also did another event in Manistee that same day. As you can see by the MLive piece, the response is great. Also note that the Rotary is talking about buying one of two more of these, this was Bill Coopers original idea, that if he did this others might do the same.

As you can tell, I’m behind this effort. I think Bill Cooper should not hide the fact that he is running for the US House. I see nothing wrong with mixing politics and humanitarian endeavors. In fact it’s high time we demanded from our candidates that they put on their own thinking caps and quit listening to and giving all the money to the paid political consultants and interest groups and figure out ways to give back to the community; at least a part of the huge almost sinful amount of money that is spent on individual campaigns for the likes of TV ads, refrigerator magnets, pens, pencils, bumper stickers ad nauseum.

I ask you a question. Who will make the money and get the benefits from the projected minimum cost of $500,000 that it will cost one candidate to run for that seat through the primary and general election using the same old, same old tactics of professional politicians? Think now about spending 1/5 of that money on a project like this to give back to the community. Think of each candidate doing that. Which is better for society? Now just imagine if by Bill Cooper throwing down the gauntlet, the other candidates pick it up and they start spending some of their war chest on humanitarian projects, how bad would that be. NOT !

Here is a link to the original email Bill sent me about this, the same one he sent all over the media. The same media that should be heaping praise and shaming other candidates for not doing similar things; I might add !

By the way, as you may notice, the link above is from a brand new website that I’m building. I just started this site so cut me some slack. I will keep posting on my other blog sites until the new web site is ready. One example of why I’m switching to a web vs. a blog site is that I could not cut and paste emails with graphics to my blog which as you can see in this web site I can. This way I can copy any flyers for fundraisers and events candidates or County Parties send me complete with all their beautiful graphics.

Be warned it will take a while for me to learn how to do the web site.

The goal is to have a “Bottom Up Politics” web site that can pull together all the counties of Musk, Newaygo, Oceana, Lake and Mason. I want to build a site to promote the sharing of ideas and perhaps resources. I want to promote a sense of camaraderie in our party; a place to network and make friends. I would love a site where all the candidates, (from Baldwin to Ravenna and all the stops in-between); can put up their events and campaign info including links and pictures, a place for the county parties if they want to post their information in an easy free and timely manner. Not to compete with, but to compliment the work they are already doing. Simply said; Extra Exposure.

This site will still serve above all showcase any ideas I can find to help people get involved in their community, in the political process. I hope by example in my blogs to show what I do to keep involved. I hope to make available lots of resources to let and help people know that it is easy to get involved in the process in as little or as large a way as they want.

I’m dreaming this will turn into a hub in the effort to take Michigan back, and especially the Counties mentioned above. Ps I need a name to call this group of counties. It doesn’t quite fit into any political geographic area; any ideas? How does “The Fighting Five” sound? As always post a comment, call, or email me.

Bob Carr

Above all have patience with me building and learning how to build this. The plans I have may be big and I’m just one person, who is a slow learner of the mysteries of the computer at that. This will not happen over night so please in your wisdom, Keep checking back. If the idea is bad, it will not work out, if not then I will learn in the doing and keep learning and as I always say; “Make Do, Make it Now, Make it Work”. Please feel free to email me with constructive criticism. But please remember also that the more cooperation and kind words lol I get, the easier it will be.

So perhaps with the "Fighting Five" counties and my web site working together; with us all working together,we can help start to take Michigan back, with a lot of hard individual effort together. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, this election with our effort can well be the end of the beginning.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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Hi Bob,
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