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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Conservativeese My new language

I will apologize as this post is mainly about National figures, but as you read through it try to keep in mind how this all could be translated into local precinct politics. Especially the emphasis on the enthusiasm within the message. Not so much the messenger. I wrote the majority of this as an email then decided as I kept discovering gems on youtube that this would make a good blog entry. I've always loved what Bobby started and kept on doing in Louisianna, and well Newt and his message have been my favorites since GOPAC days.

Here is a link to the Greta / Bobby Jindal interview on fox.

I have always been impressed by Jindal since he came to my attention during Katrina.
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He rose from a state rep to governor because he was a doer and not a talker. It sounds like he has become a pretty good talker as well. I haven’t heard anyone since Newt and of course Reagan before that give such a good direct and specific explanation of how Conservative solutions will and have worked. His state is a prime example. With Newt as party chair now, with Palen as Governor or Senator in 2010 and no bad missteps, Jindal and Palen (or vice versa) would be an awesome conservative ticket. Bobby would say though that as long as the message gets across and it's solutions implemented he wouldn't care. I would believe him on that too.

But this is what I’m talking about as far as the message for now at least has to be what we have to fire up the base so we can get an organization up and running way before the 2010 election. I’m going to inundate myself with the way Jindal and Gingrich can put The Conservative message into simple direct solution based language everyone can understand. I’m going to see if I can get a CD on how to learn “Conservativeese” in 12 easy lessons. Think I’ll start with Newt’s youtube channel.
Check out how Newt blows Allen out of the water, on the first video.

More on Jindal this time his interview by Laura Ingrahm. And what an interview it is. If you don't get enthused by this you're not a conservative, or you're too high up in your ivory tower or something. This is a two part series.
-----Part 1------

“When you’re in a hole stop digging” Great stuff. Substance over bitching. Principle over substance, Principled solutions work. "act like we talk" I'm sold.

Great stuff.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

edit in a story from Right Michigan that fit really well.

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Remind me sometime, Bob, to tell you the story about the enchanted evening I once shared with Laura Ingraham.


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