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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Opportunities Abound

Opportunities Abound, sometimes you can barely avoid tripping over them.

Been going through my house, kind of a fall cleaning thing. Time to winterize stuff. The pipes already froze once. I put up rigid insulation all around the half built foundation to keep the ground heat in; and stop the winter wind from howling through. Been throwing out stuff by the bag full. My house had become a human pig sty.

I blamed it on blogging, the elections and all the political stuff I’ve been doing, my lowly station in life. You know the spiel. Well hopefully you don’t! lol Really it’s just a case of a little slothfulness over a period of time. I think I’m about back to where I was last Spring. Lol.

I’ve gotten bogged down as far as trying to change our Party. The details are a set of never ending roadblocks. How do I format this and where do I file it so I can put it up on a blog in the same form. On the larger scale the problem is to get people enthused. I’m not the kind of person to excite people. I have to just accept that I can’t do it overnight.

Anyway as I was feeling sorry about my self I kept asking my self the question at the top of my Blog site. What Can I Do Today? Then I’d repeat my mantra of “Make Do, Make It Now, Make It Work.” But “Do What” I muttered, as I nearly tripped over about 15 bags of books(mainly paperback fiction). I realized that I had them piled there so that I would load them in my truck to avoid tripping over them. I planned on donating them. I put them there 4 days ago. Lol.

That started me thinking. This blog “Bottom Up Politics” was started as a way for me to get out in the neighborhood and meet the people. I would find a small business that I liked and interview the owner. I really enjoyed doing that and I could tell the owners appreciated that somebody cared. I would also talk with my neighbors and let them tell me their stories.

Then it dawned on me that those bags of books was a blog waiting to happen. I loaded them up and took off to see which one of the many thrift stores would get my donation. I went to three and said hi, looked around and then asked each “What is this store all about”. They all said that they were operating the business as part of their ministry. Each ministry consisted of their own unique version of helping their fellow man and spreading the gospel. This was going to be a tough decision.

I finally decided upon Hope Ministries Outlet Thrift Store located at 2424 Glade St. Muskegon Mi. Within plain sight of Seaway Dr.

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The pleasant lady when asked “what is this store all about”, said simply that they keep the store going for it’s own sake and to get enough extra for the truck load food give away. I asked if they did anything else in their ministry and she said every Sunday they have a Service. She volunteered that she goes to a big church (Calvery) and she liked to come here Sunday because of the small group of people.

This was my last stop and her kindness and lack of pretense tipped the scale. I asked her where I could unload my books. She said she’d let her boss know and that I should drive out back. I did and unloaded my bags. Then I met Ken a younger man filled with energy and spirit. I told him what I was up to and he asked me why I picked them over the others, and I said because this place was more personal, more directly tied to the good they were trying to do. He seemed pleased and seemed to understand what I was doing. He gave me the store hours. Mon.-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5.

I asked him when the Service on Sunday was and he said 10:30. He said it was usually a small group and the service was centered around the bible. He offered that it was more of a bible study. I asked if I should blog it, and he definitely thought I should. It is open to the public.

So with a little sarcasm. Something like a cluttered work place where I almost tripped and could of hurt myself. Something that OSHA would take great glee in fining me over to help me protect myself. When left to my own (?) resources, I turned it into something to help the neighborhood and me especially. Not a big thing but a small study in what everyday things can do for us if we step back now and then and focus on what is really important.

Opportunities abound.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

4 comments: said...

Awesome! Now you know you're going to have to blog about your church experience on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning...

Were you raised in the church? Have you ever attended regularly? Are you one of those Jesus people?

You should be! He's pretty awesome! :)


live dangerously said...

No No and No.
Seems like it is all I can say.

Regards, LD

Anonymous said...

I honestly think that it's a unique and interesting locale. You really should go into it deeper as to what all goes on there.

live dangerously said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I clicked on your profile and just spent an hour going over the book excepts from "a Black Choice". Great positive stuff. I can relate to Robbins and his plan to make up all we can be. The Know your outcome, take massive action and Know what you are getting are excellent.

I'm sure you're aware that all through out the books Robbins writes there bubbles an idea that what you are doing is not only good for you but for your community. It needs doing.

That is what I'm trying to get into my blogs.

Thanks for the heads up

Regards Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.