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Monday, November 17, 2008

Diversion Back To Reality

It’s The Little Things

As so often happens in life as we struggle with the big issues one of those inevitable “things” in life distracts us from our “important” work. Life does that, it demands immediate attention and draws us away from our focus on things. I have found this to be a needed and useful “diversion” back to reality. A needed reality check if you will.

Since I’ve started this adventure that I call politics. These “diversions” into reality have given me the most insight into the why of my politics. Also have shown me a better direction in which to head to further my politics.

I have been working really hard in local politics and am trying to help the Muskegon County Republican Party get organized. See my new blog about just that below.
In that effort I am setting up a plan to organize the county thru the Precincts or neighborhoods as it was meant to be and put the emphasis on the volunteers a “Bottom Up Politics” approach if you will.

Part of that effort was to recruit future Precinct Delegates NOW not wait until Primary time 2010. I have struggled and worked night and day with this trying to figure out a way to get it off the ground.

During this time I started feeling guilty about not checking in on a friend who is having a hard time keeping a job. This guy is really smart but has some issues still from Vietnam. He is the epitome of conservative ideals. He is always trying to improve himself, a hard honest worker. Believes in the free enterprise system. He is a qualified Heavy Equipment Operator, Recently spent over a year working as a Long Haul Truck Driver. He does have the uncanny ability to fall prey to unrighteous employers. He is open honest and trusting. A deadly sin in this world today.

I’m amazed at how he bounces back each time he is slapped down. He is my Joe the Plumber. We like to get together on occasion and just shoot the you know what for a few hours. One of the few people I like to really talk with. I had heard that since I last talked with him that he had lost another job. I can vouch for the crookedness of the employer on this one. So last night I went over to his house to see how he is doing. To see if I could help him out. Well he seemed just fine and we just started talking and it was I that started to unload about what I was trying to do. We soon got into specifics and I found myself elaborating and adding to my plans through his ideas and our interplay.

We did a lot of talking about ways to do fundraisers and getting people to volunteer through “events” or GOP-Raisers. It got dark and I decided to leave. I felt better about him, my plan and everything. As I was getting into the car, it dawned on me that Larry would make the perfect Precinct Delegate Designate. I jumped out of my car and went back and asked him if he would like to be my first Recruit. I also asked if he would like to come to the County Party Meeting the next evening. He said he would like to do both and he would love to help in any way.

That was a blessing. I firmly believe it was given to me because I took the time to check on a friend and put aside my “important” stuff.

I think our Party will be blessed if it puts away its “important” stuff like computer generated charts and graphs and all their reliance on the mercenary advisers and goes out and has it’s own “diversion back to reality”.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

2 comments: said...

Nice work on the recruit! THAT'S what it's going to take over the next 715 some odd days...

Don't stop.


live dangerously said...

I won't Nick.
Just sent you an email

Regards, LD