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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Can I Do Now? Here’s What.

What Can I Do Now? Here’s What.

This site “Bottom Up Politics” do to my interest in politics will focus as a journal of my attempts to try to help our County Party organize itself along local lines to first shape our message into one of service to the community through common sense solutions to everyday problems. Show our neighbors that Republican can make things work.

Second, thru those solutions gather a base of precinct delegates to come up with and implement those solutions. As the base is built it will be ready to function as a political unit when the time comes. Below is what I did today to further those goals.

Started out blogging on my other blog and catching up on news of the real world. That is where I came up with a link from Right Michigan (see top of my side bar) to Suburban Voice.
At that point I received a call from Hope Mitchell (SP) from the City telling me she talked with Tom Van Bergum (sp) from the County Equalization bureau in regards our talk yesterday about a County wide Precinct Map. I immediately call up Tom and then went down to his office in the South Campus across from Logan’s Print shop (see side bar- “stores I like close by”). It took most of the morning but we came up with 3 copies of all the precincts in the county highlighted in color with all the streets clearly labeled on a 3x4 foot map. $20 @.

Then I went to John Koens office (our county party Treasurer) to let him know and show him the maps. He reimbursed me for the one I bought for the HQ then he also bought one more for his own office which is by the way in Jerry Van Workems Muskegon Office. So I have one left for me to put up in my house. I also ordered 5 hangable city metro area maps for an even better depiction of the city Ward/Precinct system. Then home I started to go but hunger for food and a favorite restaurant I have blogged and followed from their beginning got in the way.

That was “Mia & Grace Bakery and Bistro”. They are still flourishing. There lunch business seemed brisk, and the people were animated by the décor and flavor not only of the delicious food but of the Bistro and all of it’s appointments. I had my (little lol) snack of a “Texas Pecan Pie Bar” warmed up. That was really rich and decadent and all you could hope for. Then the main meal was of course Pecan Crusted Chicken which was placed upon mashed potatoes and some other mixture of vinegar and greens and other secret stuff with gravy circulating the entry creating an appealing picture as well as flavor. Milk and coffee cost around $20. Later I will try to scan in the flyer that was on each table listing in a professionally colorful way the other specialty shops around the downtown area. This will make a good addition to my “Resource Link” section on my side bar, lower down.

On my other site, I had blogged earlier about the link above for The Suburban Voice in which I said I’d contact them. Well they didn’t have a contact # on their site so I called the Livingston County HQ and talked with a young man Phill Kraft. Who said he was the Executive Director of the County party. Different from the County Chair etc. Livingston County was a “Victory Center” They also had paid staff. He said that they had tried to set his volunteers up through the precincts as I am attempting and it was a miserable failure. He ended up getting the volunteers he needed through the walk in people at the HQ who were enthused by the election etc. Their volunteers mainly did the election stuff like stuff bags, make lit drops and do the phone bank thing.

I’m hoping to organize along the lines of community involvement and then later to help with the 010 election. The point is that volunteers will be doing something at least for now for the community and only later for a short time the gruesome work of elections. Hopefully we can add some fun to that picture as well.

Getting back to my plan. I now have the County Precinct Map, I will soon get the City Metro, and I already have and copied off the individual precinct maps to hand out to the current precinct delegates and future precinct delegate designates. All this I can put on our new table under the sign Kay and I put up for volunteers. I will now write up a cover letter to explain it all. 2 days ago Kay brought in the Volunteer sign up card she designed. I also talked with John Koens who said he could print up precinct lists of Republican voters to give to precinct delegates/designates who would want them to use. I would like to get this on the agenda for the next meeting this Monday.

Now I’m off to recycle some old 4x4 political signs for backing for the maps I just had made. Plus I need to do some straightening up and fixing up of the “Volunteer Table” and fix up the wires in the back. And put up Marve’s big sign in the window.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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