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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Organizing Without an Organization.

Organizing without an organization.

Sometimes I get to feeling that what I am trying to do is too big or too complicated or that I’m not big enough or my brain is not complicated enough to accomplish that which I seek.

I then look at what I seek. I try to think it through to see if what I seek needs redefining. Are the methods consistent with the goals I seek.

I usually fall back to reading and ferreting out a better clearer definition of what I seek. I believe a clear principled statement of purpose will drive the solution process. I would rather tweak the methods to fit the principle than tweak the principle to fit the methods. With flexible methods the best ones can rise to the top and will become obvious.

When I started this blog I set up a Conservative Coffee For Ward 2 Muskegon every Sun. morning at 8am. I sat there for 14 weeks and not one person showed up. That method didn’t work. I finally discarded the idea. That failure was actually a blessing in disguise. I had brought a book with me. It was “The Effective Executive” by Peter F. Drucker. I had plenty of time to read and study it. Lol.

This is the book Newt Gingrich recommended to students to read and reread as he did as a student and which helped shape his thinking.
Well that “wasted” hour every Sunday morning has helped me shape my thinking. This morning I was up at 5am and re-read some of it.

That book is exceptional. Every time I have a problem I can’t get a handle on and I read that book: solutions seem to automatically appear in front of me.

My current problem was how to “disorganize” the County party and get it based on the Precinct Level. Let the County be a facilitator for and not a dictator over the Townships and Precincts.
I want the County to put it’s efforts into recruiting not just the allotted # of Precinct Delegates but have those Delegates set up small Precinct “Clubs” or something.

As with most new ideas, they sound great but are really hard in the doing. How do I get this idea off the ground? Well after thinking about it non stop for a couple of weeks and working toward that end on the mechanics of it; I had hit the wall. I had blogged myself out. I had emailed all I could. I had read all my favorite links twice and nothing was happening. Depression was peering around the corner for his next meal and he was looking at me.

Well that simple little book has reignited my energy level. Later in the writing of this piece I edited in the link to Newt above and am listening to it now as I finish writing this and it is firing me up. One quote from the book I always love is.

{Unless a decision has “degenerated into work” it is not a decision; it is at best a good intention} I love the use of the word “Degenerated”. To me it is a backhanded compliment to the People who actually do the work.

In my world I take that to mean, until something is actually done, all the rest is no better than idle chatter. The pointless and wasted firing of nuerons.

This always leads me to the concept that we learn how to solve problems by actually trying to work the solutions. If the solutions are made flexible then better solutions are possible.

We need to create a more specific message, so that we can then adjust the methods to further the message, not the other way around. We need a strong uniting Message (platform) that gives us all something to try to accomplish. Then let the various Precincts and Townships come up with the methods to accomplish that message. The best workable solutions will come to the top.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

2 comments: said...

Great post. How are things coming in Muskegon? Have you begun the process?


live dangerously said...

Thanks Nick. The "process" hasn't "degenerated into work" yet. I am still trying to set up some of the "how do I get the message out" stuff. Like they say the devil's in the details. example. I want to get the indivicual precinct maps on line for the Delegates to easily get to. I got hard copies from the county, (they don't have them accessible to the public online) I bought a scanner and am trying to scan them into my computer in a way that lists them by township and city like in a drop down menue, then make it linkable somehow. I'm thinking that once I do that somehow I'll be able to cut and paste it to a dead drop place. Maybe my new ORGANIZE Take Muskegon Back site.
The main thing is how to get hold of and convince the current precinct delegates to help out and start recruiting. I've only recruited 1 new one so far and made a garbled pitch to the County at the last meeting. I need to learn public speaking and make my own message more cohesive.

I'm working as best I can. For this to work I need the rest of the party. That is what I'm working on now in conjunction with a plan to show them by example.

Our HQ is now shut down so I won't have a base of operations other than my house. I'll have to go guerilla mode. That depends on volunteers and they depend on the message and the messenger. Newt I'm not. I'm hoping that his and the others message out there will be enough. Maybe I can find a better messenger than myself.

Short answer ---SLOW.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

I seem to do better what I complain that others do than doing what I say they should do.

A Nuron is a terrible thing to waste. lol