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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Wisper of Truth

A Whisper of Truth. Can you Hear it?

Big news and Deep thoughts.

Rick Santorum made news and upset the Republican "Machine’s" push for an “inevitable” Romney Victory by winning both the Mississippi and Alabama primaries. Perhaps more harmful to Gov. Romney was that Newt Gingrich also beat him leaving Romney in 3rd place in both places.


My deep thoughts about Santorum and Romney are threefold.

First, 2/3rds of the vote was against Romney as it has been all along. While Romney claims now that he did better than expected in these two evangelical conservative Southern States; you have to wonder why the Romney camp et al threw so much money into the losing effort. Why did they, near the end enthusiastically outspend Santorum by many multiples? Just as they have continually done in the race to date. Just from a financially conservative viewpoint, Mr. Romney seems to be acting very liberal. From a pragmatic point of view, why spend such a fortune and remain continually stuck at 30% of the base? If he is that free with his own money, what about the People’s Money if elected? Another Governor, Sarah Palin said many times what an awesome responsibility it was to have to spend other people’s money when she was the CEO of Alaska. Did you just hear a soft “whisper”? Somehow I don’t think Gov. Romney would lose sleep over wasting a little of our money here and there – or a lot for that matter.

Second, last night I watched the Palin movie “Undefeated” and was moved by how she related to the people because she really was one of those people and how she was able to fight the "Machine". With Romney I get the feeling that he is buying into the "Machine" with every dollar he spends. I think he is getting the very best advice from the highest paid political consultants on how to relate to the common people. Again that "Wisper".
Also I’m half way through reading Andrew Breitbart’s Book “Righteous Indignation” and ironically in the Palin movie there were a few clips of Breitbart explaining why Sarah Palin is such a phenom and why the left is deathly afraid of her. Tying together the book and the movie, that “Whisper” becomes louder and more specific.

Thirdly, I trust Rick Santorum and I don’t trust Mitt Romney. I’m a recovering alcoholic of the last 30 years and I remember something a recovery shrink I was court ordered to see once told me. Even though this lady was an avowed liberal who believed there was no right and wrong(over which we argued on several occasions); she ended up saying that when faced with a choice of things to do, she listened to the feeling she had in her center somewhere between her stomach and heart. I knew even then she was just another hypocritical liberal saying “do as I say not as I do”. I also even then felt that “Whisper” I was getting was about what is the truth and what is not. It was about that gut feeling of what was true or false – right or wrong. It is that “Whisper of Truth” that I get with Santorum, unlike the silence I get from Romney that keeps me at arm’s length from him and has put me into the Santorum camp. Ironically even though the shrink’s advice was hypocritical, I’ve found it true and more than useful especially in politics.

The fact however is that to fight not only the Republican "Machine" but the Left’s entrenchment in the pop culture we have to learn how to turn that “Whisper” into a roar to even compete in the Culture War.

Andrew Breitbart was a champion of this. His gift was his ability to expose the Left’s BS from within. Leave it enough to say that he was at times one of only a very few who were able to take that “Whisper of Truth” and throw it right back into the face of the Liberal Elites whether Democrat or Republican with a volume well above a “Whisper”.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS If you think Romney has nothing to do with "machine" politics consider that in Mississippi, he won the urban areas and Santorum won the rural areas. If you look at the other races such as the one in my home state of Michigan; the same rings true. In fact Mitt Romney wins in all the places that Obama and the Left wins. For example he won Somoa and Hawaii. The reason is that it is in these areas in which you get the biggest “Paid Consultant” bang for the buck. Here is where the “Machine” is always centered. The more condensed the population the easier and less costly it is for example to knock on doors.

If as Romney fans say this only points to his ability to capture the independent and more moderate (read Progressive Liberal) voter. I point you to the following article which breaks down the Mississippi election.
It soon becomes evident in the article that in these urban Party "Machine" settings, the Romney brand can’t even get out the very vote that he claims is his power. This begs the question; if he can’t get out his Vaunted Progressive moderate vote in the primary how can he presume that he will get them and the Conservative base fired up enough to turn out in the general election where his one weapon (money) will be small potatoes against the Obama machine.

Remember too that the Unions have said that they will put out $400 million this election cycle for the Democrats.

What Santorum says about Romney seems to have a “Whisper of Truth” to it. He said in effect that if you run the Republican "Machine" choice (Romney) against the Democrat Machine you will get the same results we saw with Dole, McCain, Ford et all.

What also rings true is that we need a candidate who can win even though he will be outspent because he will be able to connect with the People of America because he is one of them.

We are tired of those candidates who are good at playing the game of politics, we need someone who is good at governing, and someone who governs as an honest person would. Someone from whom we hear the "Whisper of Truth".

Regards again. Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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