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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time for Republicans to Wake Up.

Time for Republicans to Wake Up.

Republican’s don’t even have a candidate yet, and Obama has raised 141 million and is staffing and holding events at a local level in most states and already has HQ all over the battle ground states that are getting volunteers signed up and organized, one on one. They don’t call Obama the “Community Organizer in Chief” for nothing. Remember 2008?
What’s that old saying? “If you don’t study History you are bound to repeat it” or something like that – well you get the picture. While Tea Partiers and Republican establishment types are battling over who controls the Republican piece of the pie, Obama and his minions are trying to with boots on the ground increase their piece of the pie and diminish ours. Even with all the ammunition Obama has given us about his socialistic plans and freedom wrecking regulations including all the debt he is piling up and even with Obamacare, well another old saying comes to mind.

“ Conservatives always win the arguments but lose the election.” For whatever reason and believe me I’ve heard them all Republicans talk a good game but fail miserably at getting out in the Neighborhoods and actually campaigning and doing all the grunt work. Republicans are terrible at illustrating there narrative with deeds. It’s like writing a text of small print and large sentences without any pictures. We seem to think we are above it all. I know for a lot of Republicans there just doesn’t seem to be enough time what with work and all, but beware of that idea.

Make some time if you value your freedom.

We are good at talking about and arguing over how important it is to get boots on the ground, but yet we can’t seem to squeeze out 2 hours a month to knock on a few doors or attend some local fundraisers, volunteer for a candidate’s parade etc.
This is starting to change as the Obama administration is starting to scare us at a gut level. We are starting to feel our Freedom is really starting to be taken away. This is all well and good, but Christ Himself even admits that we will be judged by our actions not our BS. Is this enough? Compare what we do, to the article above and the Obama Machine gearing up and REMEMBER 2008.

Along those same lines how about “we will reap what we sow”? Well Republicans haven’t been sowing much so don’t be surprised or mad with others if the garden is taken over by weeds.

It's your garden too.

Living in Oceana County we are tempted to think that our efforts won’t change things but that is WRONG. DEAD WRONG.

Think of elections and movements as the accumulation of little ripples in the water. Think of the 2010 election Tsunami for the Republicans as starting in that desolate area 12 miles from Shelby, New Era, Hesperia, and Hart –that’s where I live. Pick any spot desolate or in the precinct of a major city. It all starts when someone gets upset enough to decide to vote that year.

That person then starts to pay attention to the news, starts to question things, starts to talk to neighbors and friends and family. As other ripples pop up the ripples become small waves and well you get the picture. All of a sudden people in the news are talking about this great big tsunami thing that happened and scratching their heads in wonder as to how it happened. Well your vote and your actions this time could be the ripple that washes Obama and the Radical Left out to Sea.

It all started as a ripple on the water. Let me repeat -- that little thing caused the Big Thing. That Big Thing wouldn’t have happened without the little ripples.
That is what the Democrats have known forever. The Tea Parties picked it up from them, and are expanding upon it. The name of this blog is called “Bottom Up Politics” and the name stands for that principle. If we get township, village and city governments all peopled with conservative leaders, where I ask do you think the state leaders come from??? Where National Leaders??? Get the picture?

Volunteer; get into local government and local parties. Join groups you always wondered about. Attend a meeting; volunteer to help a candidate, or a party. Get to know your neighbors, don’t BS. Know your stuff, research what you talk about. How many stupid people do you look forward to spending time with? ? ? ? Well don’t be one of them.

Above all have fun, and enjoy what you are doing. Be smart, always question your ideas. People will listen.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative.

Stay tuned as I will start posting local happenings on this site at least twice a week. I will also try to interview or let people know about new local business’ setting up, along of course with the local political poop.

I will also start to list on the side bar candidates who want to be listed so you can contact them to volunteer. Also if anyone wants I’ll list events for whatever causes.

I state upfront here that I will only push what I deem worthy and I also state that this site is blatantly Conservative in nature.

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