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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cory Booker/Chris Christi

Cory Booker/Chris Christi.

I first heard of this guy when he won the Mayor ship of Newark NJ. He made a splash in the news and I followed up with some research on him. Wow, this was a guy after my own heart. Booker was a fighter for most of the things I believe in. He is a Democrat and I’m a Republican and a Conservative. Sooooo-How can this be?

You watch the video “Street Fight” and maybe you’ll see what I mean.



Irony is dripping here; especially after the 2012 election.

Is Mayor Booker a community organizer, Ivy League educated lawyer? Yes he is. Is he just another Barack Obama? A resounding no.

If anything I would compare him to Rudy Giuliani when Rudy was Mayor of NYC.

Cory campaigned for Obama but he was not afraid to stand up for what he believed. If you remember the hot water he found himself in when he took the Obama campaign to task for trying to smear Romney for being a venture capitalist. Not only did he think the smear tactic had no place in the campaign but he actually said that venture capitalists were a necessary and good part of the system. Mr. Booker actually said this about the electioneering of both sides.

“This kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides,” Booker said. “It’s nauseating to the American public. Enough is enough. Stop attacking private equity. Stop attacking Jeremiah Wright.” (Italics added).

The reason I’m writing this is in reference to my previous blog about how the Republicans need to have a change of attitude, how they need to face the facts of the last election. How we will not do well until we start to practice what we preach. How we need to show how relevant our message is in all communities. We need to do this by doing what we talk about by living up to our ideals. We are judged by our actions and how they match our talk. All people are.

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Mr. Booker has constantly lived up to his talk. Throughout his career he has done good deeds as well as talked about them. Several instances come to mind. A constituent twitted about how an older relative needed his walk shoveled. Cory went and did it; others picked up on it and shoveled others out. At a fire Cory burned his hands and suffered smoke inhalation rescuing someone from a fire. During this latest Sandi crisis, he’s offered to put people up in his house. We would never expect to see President Obama do this, even in his earlier days. I just cannot even picture it. Romney I can, because he has shown several selfless actions of this sort.

Be that as it may, Cory Booker has cut Newark’s deficit drastically, he has cut the crime rate drastically, and he has given his constituents a choice in education. His education plan was so exceptional that NJ. Governor Chris Christi put him in charge of a reform program on education for the state.

I just reordered the film “Street Fight” from Netflix. Watch it I dare you.

With all the news about Governor Christie and Hurricane Sandi and lately about all the rumors of Booker running against Christi for the Governorship; watching the movie and doing some research, the back-story will become clearer. This is a story of two straight talking pragmatists from different parties. Either way and the best part of that conflict will be that in the end either one will continue working to actually fix what’s wrong and not just talk about it.

This is called leadership, this is what people want. I hate taxes, but if I see something being done constructive with them, I hate them less, hence I hate the people in charge of taxes less. On the other hand I hate it when a government benefit of mine is cut, but if I can see that this is happening for good reason and being done fairly, I hate the benefit cutters less.

While all the rest of you pure of hearters continue to dump on Christi for the Sandi/Obama thing, and while the other side dumps on Booker for his bucking the Democrat machine, something is getting done in NJ and Newark. Something all the talking in the world did little to change till Booker and Christi took the bull by the horns and fought a tough battle against an entrenched cronyism both within and without their parties and to battle this was always outside of their comfort zones.

I too now need to start doing. Our Party needs to start doing. In my opinion all this negative talk including impeachment and all the rest is playing into the hands of our enemies. It used to be that it was mainly the Democrats who when they lost the argument would use personal attacks and smears, I hate to see us stoop to such levels. If we believe our message is so true then we need to practice it in the face of those who call us names.

“Kill them with kindness” may be politically incorrect but it remains an unbeatable tool to use.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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