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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tea for Two -- Me and You

Busy Time

First, on Monday the Muskegon County Republicans held their monthly Caucus Lunch.
(2nd Mon. of the Month at noon, location changes) An informal gathering over lunch with a brief and again informal meeting. This Caucus was held at the Golden Corral on Sternberg.

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Main discussion points were our Chairman’s announcement of his withdrawal from the primary race for the 34th State Senate seat, leaving Goeff Hansen as the last man standing. David Farhat our Chair will be taking his considerable talents to the Pete Hoekstra team helping Pete gain the governorship. We all wish him the best.

Goeff Hansen was there and wished David well and said that Team Hansen would be opening up a Muskegon HQ at 3332 Glade by the Hearthstone. Goeff is shooting for a May 1st opening day. Lot's of sprucing up needs to be done. Want to help call me (231-728-3455) and I'll hook you up. I bet Goeff is breathing a sigh of relief now with David out of the race which will free up the always hard to come by resources to fight the real enemy. Mary Valentine the Democrat opponent. The Dems want desperately to win this State Senate seat and will be putting alot of money into this race.

Also at the meeting it was announced that we have a candidate to run against Ken Mahoney. He is Ken Berman. If the name sounds familiar, he is I believe the cousin of the famous sports announcer Chris Berman. Those familiar with Chris announcing will appreciate David Farhat's play on words by saying he hopes Ken “ WILL -- GO – ALL—THE---WAY.

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Tuesday was our 3rd meeting of the Muskegon Patriots. We had the meeting at Whitlow’s which was supposed to be in the banquet hall but do to some kind of misunderstanding we had it in the bar. It was not optimum but we made do with what we had and made it work.

As with any new group of any kind we are experiencing growing pains, and learning how to make this grassroots movement in Muskegon work. Everyone seems to want that to happen. The devil as they say is in the details. That is why it is good to keep focus on the big picture.

Lots of good discussion was had centering around our group. We will be having elections for leadership posts. Chair, Co-Chair, Sec. Treas, and Sergeant at arms. That election will take place two meetings from now. Anyone interested in running can at our next meeting (April 27th at Whitlow’s) submit a short bio and address the membership. We will be putting all the info online for members also. Then the next meeting we will vote.

The Tax Day Tea Party at Heritage Landing Thurs. April 15th was discussed and there was enthusiasm about it. People volunteered to watch the sales table and the sign in table.

Fred Bertsch gave a short speech about the Health Care Freedom Petition Drive, which turned into a longer question and answer session as members became curious then enthused. Fred said he would be manning a table for the Petitions at the rally. I and LeRoy will be wearing yellow Tea Shirts mingling with the crowd to get petitions signed. We can still use one or two more petition circulators at the rally. We have all the stuff, If interested in that or anything Tea Party oriented feel free to call me anytime. Bob Carr 231-728-3455. PS thanks to all of you who signed and or took Petition Packets with them.

Joyce seems to be the firecracker in our midst with the petitions.

We did pass the hat or in this case a Coffe jug and collected some money, Thanks to all and be assured every dime will be squeezed.

Visit us on Facebook!/group.php?gid=114612739054&ref=ts

and on Twitter
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Back to the Republican Front.

Spring Chores

Adopt a Highway

Muskegon County Republican Party does this 3 times a year Spring Summer and Fall.

When April 17th
Time 9:00am

Where Corner of Shaw and Apple ave.
A long drive from downtown Musk.

Google map,+Casnovia,+Muskegon,+Michigan+49318&sll=43.234386,-85.869741&sspn=0.007426,0.013754&g=1000+Shaw+Rd,+Casnovia,+Muskegon,+Michigan+49318&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=950+Shaw+Rd,+Casnovia,+Muskegon,+Michigan+49318&ll=43.236949,-85.87944&spn=0.029702,0.055017&z=14

The more the merrier. Candidates also welcome.

Stu Peterson has been in charge of for a number of years and he has had to do it himself on occasion. Let’s not have that happen again. I’ve done it 3 or 4 times now and it is pretty easy and takes an hour or so.

Like I say the more the merrier (and quicker).

Give me a call for questions 231-728-3455 or just show up. Stu parks on Shaw on the North side of Apple. He has all the equipment; trash bags, reflective vest and a 5 min. training video; so all you need to bring is yourself. Wear jeans or something you can walk in taller grass once and a while without worrying about the dew. High heels probably wouldn’t work either.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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I am helping in the vetting of Ted Shundle a candidate for the 2nd Congressional Seat in Mi. This is being done through ICaucus. This will be the 3rd vetting I have helped out with. On the 19th I am going to Grant to help in an all day vetting of the 4 candidates running in the 100th State House District centered around Hart.

ICaucus is a political Action arm of the Tea Party Movement. ICaucus is in effect a special interest group focused on vetting or interviewing candidates and selecting ones that reflect the values of the Tea Party Movement. Such principles as listed below
1. To preserve the economic future for our children.
2. To work for a return to the principles of our governing constitution.
3. To demand limited government.
4. To promote the free market that made our country the leader of the world.
5. To give support for individual rights, and property rights.
6. To provide a platform for giving like-minded people a voice.
I am happy to do this. The process is long and is just starting to show results; but the purpose of ICaucus is to have a mechanism to help channel the Tea Party energy to candidates that reflect our views no matter what party they are in. Here is their website, I don’t know if you need to join to study the site now or not. I would suggest that it would be worth doing.
Here is a link to ICaucus’ home page. If you want to get involved, find your state and get hold of the leader.
Below is a link to the video series that shows how money has taken over government. The series is very long but one or two videos a day will put the problems we have with government in perspective.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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