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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Campaigns, meetings and Where's Waldo Now?

Back to posting on events.

Today Tues. the Punter Platoon gathered at the Punter house to stuff some envelopes, good fun and good food made the job go pretty quickly. Lots of lively repartee and outright sniping kept things going. In the pic below Kay, Ken’s wife is the one at the head of the table. As Ken works for a living he wasn’t there.

After stuffing envelopes I heard that the Where's Waldo sign. (Had Enough Vote Republican) had reappeared in a new place. So off I went to find It's new home. I found it on Harrisburg Rd in Ravenna. That is the fourth place in Ravenna for that critter.

Muskegon GOP had their monthly business meeting.
Click to enlarge pics.

W came to visit and got cornered by Goeff Hansen and by the looks of his expression; Goeff must be raking him over the coals about the TARP mess pretty good. Looks to me like George is looking for a way out.

David Farhat chaired the meeting and some business was done and we talked of the Grand Old Picnic this summer among other things. It was our first meeting in the HQ on Henry St. We will have them there from now on and when it gets cold due to the election we will probably keep it heated till after. We’ll discuss it further at that time.

Jerry VanWoerkam and Goeff Hansen talked of what was going on with the budget and the state legislature. Marve, John and Bob brought us up to speed on the County Commission’s business. Mainly the candidates spoke their pieces. Holly for the 91st along with Kay who stood in for her husband Ken who couldn’t make it.

It was nice to see Ken Berman and Amber Weerstra stand and let everyone know they are running for County Commission seats. Ken will be battling against the County Commission Chairman Kenneth Mahoney for district #1. This will be an uphill battle but Ken seems fired up and already hard at it.

Amber Weerstra is running for the 10th Commission seat. Incumbent Democrat Roger Wade isn’t running this time ????? Because of that this race which leans Democrat gets a lot closer and from meeting Amber she brings a lot of energy to the table. She has a nice website and an active facebook page. People in our party are readily helping her according to their talents. Below are her Website and facebook links.


I will be adding over the next week the Musk. Co. Republican incumbents and candidates for the Musk. County Commission, to my candidate page on my website.

Check this link next week.

Life is good, WE can make it better.
As Amber said on facebook. “ When a hen gives you an egg, that's involvement. When a hog gives you bacon, that is commitment.”!/profile.php?id=1306131474&ref=mfTime to go whole hog I guess.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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