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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pot Holes, Recycling and Hybrids.

Found this video by Glenn Beck. Pretty graphic way to see what going off the gold standard does when the government is faced with a crisis and needs more money. Gee I would call WWII a crisis and we got through that without printing more money. We were forced to because we would have had to find more gold to match it. Back then money didn't grow on trees. We seem to have made it through that crisis without printing more money.

Next I started thinking about what will stimulate the economy. Did we need this huge infusion of cash? Did we need to print all that extra money? The name of this blog is “Bottom Up Politics”. In keeping with the name and my purpose for doing this blog; I went out looking to get a real life idea on what's going on; and low and behold I saw this sign.

That sign got me to thinking. Here was a auto dealership in Michigan in this the worst of times. How or what stimulated the sign? NOTHING. That’s my point. By the state of Michigan cutting back on the money to repair roads, and doing "Nothing" the roads are not getting repaired. This “nothing”, as far as road repair, is stimulating the auto industry. Not only in the obvious way the sign alludes to; but think about it. The more wear and tear on the autos in our great state; not only the quicker they need realignment and an assortment of other repairs, but the sooner people will have to buy a new one.

All this stimulation by doing nothing.

This might spawn a whole new industry, "The Anti Pot-Hole All Terrain Hybrid".
So by the government doing nothing the economy through a boost to the auto industry is stimulated.

Forgive the satire in these trying times; but hey I’d rather laugh than cry. If you look hard enough, there seems to be, forgive the pun, a “gold nugget” of wisdom somewhere in that pothole.

Oh and by the government doing nothing,a small local food Pantry that doesn't get government grant money was affected. They were forced to do what "Americans won't do"; they had to have fundraisers to get their money. You know the old fashioned way, they had to earn it. They have to grovel and humble themselves. Because of the extra effort getting the money however, they tend to find ways to cut costs. Below is a picture of the cleaned Milk Jugs that I've collectted over the last few months. On top of the pile are 4 bags full of Meijer bags to be filled with food at the pantry. Recycling again.

For a fund raiser we solicit people downtown who want to have candles put out along their walks Christmas Eve. We cut a door on the side of the jugs and put in some sand for weight then add a candle, light it and viola. A pretty sight. The group gets money, and those donating get something in return, along with the community; a nice feeling on Christmas eve. People the year round also get some food out of the deal too. Not a bad return on a small investment. And re-cycling too!

That's what I call green conservatism.

So among all the doom and gloom. (I've seen people so desperate that they are advertising on telephone poles with homemade signs that they have their garage and they even have their yards for sale. Why I've just seen a whole block for sale.)
Like I say even among all this doom and gloom I try to remain positive.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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