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Friday, February 20, 2009

Lincoln Day Dinner.

Michigan State Senator Cameron S. Brown ® Fawn River Township wrote a guest editorial called “A Lincoln Tribute”. Sen. Brown questions what Americans today would think of Abraham Lincoln.
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{Would we give the time of day to a politician who characterized the crisis of America as “the eternal struggle between right and wrong”? Would we fully appreciate a national leader who said “my policy is to have no policy”?}
On top of that Sen. Brown points out five other “character traits” of Lincoln
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“There were five basic character traits that defined Lincoln as a person and as a politician: reverence for God, patriotism, a passion to be good and honest, respect for the law and a burning ambition.”
Mr. Brown then explained how A. Lincoln’s belief in the rule of law was based upon following the constitution of the United States. “the means of creating order out of chaos,”. Sen. Brown then said Lincoln used this and his other character traits to help bring order to his own life.

Those ideas worked for this country and made A. Lincoln President. I found that Lincoln Tribute printed on legal size quality card stock at my place at my table, when I attended our Musk. County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner. BTW the picture of Lincoln was the best I have seen. This was what I took away from the Dinner that I value the most.

This affair was pretty well attended. Especially in the “off” year after a drubbing at the polls. Our new crew of Farhat, Hughes, Koens, and Peterson, put on a good show. The highlight was the “toast and roast” of Congressman Peter Hoekstra. Being new to the party I apologize ahead of time if I miss any dignitaries. A whole mess of them showed up to celebrate Congressman Hoekstra. The toasts were many, and the roasts were civil.

Pete’s whole staff was there so there were plenty of stories to go around. Some of the highlights were about term limits, Turtle fences, and awards from Ninja Turtles. Not to mention a live turtle. Twitter was also a highlight of the evening. Pete did seem to intimate that his twitter was available for all to see.

Bill Huizenga, Chuck Yob, state senator Jerry Van Workhom were some of the best of the roasters. All in all it was a nice evening for all. A couple of new faces were nice to see. I personally enjoyed seeing Karen Buie there and we talked about the last election and some stuff we shared. I did miss seeing Bob Scolnik and Merle. Also missed a few others.

My highlight was when Pete talked about the Republican Revolution and a part or two he played in it. He remembered one day getting a call from Newt Gingrich who told him to start investigating the Teamsters. Pete mentioned the trepidation he felt being tasked with that job. He also told of the feeling when the leader of the Teamsters lost and the younger Hoffa was elected. In a free election I might add. This is reaching across the isle in the real sense. This is doing not talking about it. This was forging an alliance with whom everyone else was afraid to even talk with. Pete mentioned that people ask him still how he could be friends with the likes of Hoffa. Hoffa and Pete know what sticking to your beliefs and getting the job done at the same time is all about.

I might be biased here about Pete. He is my Congressman, I have met him during the campaign a few times and heard him talk more times than that. I do not know him personally only on a political basis, (only a quick hi, or handshake) but I followed with admiration his rise in the intelligence world, and as an integral part of the Republican Revolution.

I will have to do what I can to help him in his quest for the Republican nomination for Governor of Michigan. Jeb Bush I quote from a recent WSJ article about how real reform can best be done at the state level. He talks about reforming government at the state level.
This approach "worked in the early 90s," Mr. Bush says. "We had some fantastic governors who were my role models." He mentions his brother when he led Texas, John Engler of Michigan and Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin. "We had an all-star team." He likes the current crop of Republican governors, including Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Haley Barbour of Mississippi.

I think Pete Hoekstra would make a fine addition to Jeb’s list of reform minded governors.

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Volunteer of the Year went to Jim Riley for all his efforts on getting the party up to speed in this technological era.

Thanks also for all the work Susie Hughes did in putting it on and setting up the raffle table. I bet that added to the party's coffers.

One last thing I’d like to add. I just got an email from Joan Runnels who’s running for State Committee. A quote from the letter. I know her not but she said something I like.
Lake County Chair as county chair I have raised more money and spent more on candidates than anyone before in my county. I have more new members, opened a campaign store in Baldwin. At the end of the year we still have more money in our treasury that we would have at the start of the campaign season.”
Imagine spending money to make money. I would of thought that would be axiomic to republicans. The other thing I took away from the Lincoln Day Dinner was that there might be a little too much of the Dutch influence in the finances of the party. To quote an Irishman. We shouldn’t be penny wise and pound foolish. When it comes to new members it could be money well spent in votes and donations from them and their friends and families.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Ps anyone interested in gov. funded gardening programs for Musk Downtown and vicinity neighborhoods there will be a meeting at the corner of Houston and 3rd. At the Neighborhood Investment building. Let us see how pound foolish this can be. I’ll report on it later. I’m off now to the state Repub. Convention.

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