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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wiser----In Name Only

Oh This is Great a Savior for our state Party.

Well Saul er I mean Devoss, er maybe Libby Dole if she is still around, any way someone has picked a great one to rule in his stead as Saul takes his born again internet show to the National scene.

Read the link below so you can better judge if what I blog about after is realistic or just plain stupid. Here’s a novel thought, you tell me. Read on and get the drift of that idea.
Wiser starts off by saying that our loss has us “unsettled”. Well he is at least capable of understatement. Then he claims that the reasons for our loss are not important. What we did wrong needs not to be pointed out and understood. Learning from our mistakes is not an option. Well it’s not a novel idea the dems have proven it works.

What are we to do then? Simple, he took a page from Obama, by saying the important thing is the change we make for the future. Fair enough except how are we to make meaningful changes if we don’t come to grips with what we did wrong in the last two elections and repeat those mistakes. How do we even know it is change, or the same ole same ole, which is my impression of this candidate.

Next Wiser claims that leadership is the key, (enough with the understatement already) that the leadership should have a unique combination of characteristics. (oh well I give).

As far as explaining what those characteristics are, he seems a little vague especially about effecting “Change”. What I read is about doing what has been done for a long time past.

I come away from his website feeling that his idea of “grassroots activists” are the same group of state, district and county leaders that have done the work to help get us where we are. I would look at the reasons that is bad but I might be accused of getting in the way of important “changes”.
The emphasis should be on finding ways to connect to the people we are losing in droves. Backing Weiser for me would be like backing Thomas Jefferson’s son as he worked his way up the moneyed British/American colonists to a governorship while his father fought for freedom from those his son thought were better. If you really are after change, yet willing to study the past for mistakes, you will know what I’m talking about.

I get the feeling of someone whose is playing at this new “Grassroots” thing. Here is a quote from the site.
I am a conservative who believes in being a team player and involving all of our grassroots activists.
As a campaign worker, Precinct Delegate, County HQ manager, and not a leader; I didn’t feel any sense of Wiser as McCain Co-Chair getting me involved. In fact all I got was a bunch of emails from corporate types about all the great plans they had for the election until they finally pulled out of Michigan.

That even misses the point. The State Chair should be getting involved WITH the activists at the Township Precinct then County level. Actually helping and listening to those on the ground. Not the other way around. The Surge ring a bell? What is wrong with actually helping those “grassroots activists” Oops there I go again looking at what we did wrong and blocking “Change”.

Another mistake I’m making is what my political betters keep telling me by their actions, is that I forget which side my bread is buttered on. I went to our County Convention and listened to someone who has worked tirelessly at the precinct level recruiting delegates and changing minds. This person made the trip to talk with us. His name is Norm Shinkle and he too is running for State Chair. The king maker Chuck Yob sent his gorgeous relative in his oops I mean in Wiser’s place to talk. One of our member who is the only one interested in running for a state office brought her. Both were well dressed and both were I admit pretty impressive. They too talked of those mind numbing cliques’ like a “Big Tent”, Change etc.

Before that County Convention my Chairman, (my mentor) and I were talking about Shinkle and he said that the only help he got from the higher ups (State Party) during the election was from Norm Shinkle. He received help in his search for Precinct Delegates, and later Norm was the one who set up the cheap buy of McCain/Palin signs when we had run out of them. An aside here is that the reason we ran out of signs was a jurisdictions fight over turf between the McCain Campaign person Greenely at the state level and Saul for the state party. While the county parties ran out of signs they bickered over who had the rights to the signs just sitting there. If I am wrong please correct me. Remember, Wiser was National Co-Chair for McCain. Wonder if Greenly and he talked about it. Remember Wiser claims we need good communication. Wonder what Saul twittered about it? No one else offered any assistance, just emails and platitudes. Needless to say I was disappointed when I saw both our Chairman and our aspiring state office seeker on the list of endorsements for Wiser.

Like I said the leadership didn’t want to get involved with us. But the other way around is just fine.

Like I also said, I keep forgetting which side my bread is margarined on.
The bottom of the Iceberg became clear to me when Wiser said.
We as Republicans must work together to ensure that the right people are in place to lead…
Call me paranoid but it sounds like the one thing that isn’t going to change with Wiser at the head is that subtle condescension that permeates all the efforts that have gotten us to being the Party that we are. Devoid of actual people in our grassy townships and rooty Precincts that will tolerate listening to such clap trap. Those people are going to listen to the clap trap of the Dems which is much more entertaining.

I’m getting to the point that I find it hard to blame them.
So to continue the Ice berg analogy, we have Wiser (which looks like a done bought and paid for deal) as State Chair, and Saul as National Chair. Then at the tip of the ice-berg (if only Obama in his reincarnation of Change would appoint her) We could have Granholm as his top financial advisor then we could all merrily continue our journey into financial, moral and buttered bliss. The Dems don’t let anything get in the way of change and increasing numbers of Republicans don’t either.
I’m just sorry to see this new/old “grassroots” spouting leadership so easily throw Hoodendyk and Shinkle under the bus. They will talk of change until all the real blood of change has been bled from the party.

Don’t they understand that CEOs lead people who they pay to work for them. This team leadership talk is about the people getting paid to be team members. Like those old fashioned ideas of “public Servant” and ”volunteerism” which have morphed into Team Members and Activists. Both now mainly paid by the way. Even as I rang a bell for the Salvation Army, I had to compete with paid volunteers. Kind of like entrepreneurs who are forced to compete with the government funded non-profits.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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