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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'll Take It. "You Betcha"

Chambliss Wins. Great News for Republicans and Conservatives

The link below from Politico by John Krau Shaar sums up our hopes and belays some of our fears as Conservatives and Republicans.


The Quote below is the first tangible proof that the massive turnout by the Dems cannot be maintained by them without some outward galvanizing force. Their Policies alone will not do it. The historic nature of the Presidential Election was the key. Another was the lack of a galvanizing anything from our side and that lack produced low Republican turnouts, and historic Democrat ones.

Scores of Barack Obama’s leading field organizers had been dispatched to Georgia for the runoff, but without Obama’s name on the ballot they were unable to rally enough voters to the polls – particularly for a little-known Democratic politician.

The fact that Chambliss is a Conservative was icing on the cake. The fact that Georgia is a Conservative state; tells me three things. One our base can still come out to the polls and vote if they feel there is an important reason. Two we need to have something to get our base fired up to turn them out. Three, after turning out the base we have a huge job ahead of us; which is to enlarge that base.

How do we do that lacking a National Leader of great galvanizing capabilities? As Mary Matalin’s husband would say. “It’s the economy Stupid”.

We all realize that the Dems will say for the next four years that their difficulties in fixing the economy is all Bush’s fault. Also because Chambliss foiled their attempt at a fillibuster proof 60 vote majority they will say it is the Republican's fault too. To one degree or another depending on your party affiliation that does have a ring of truth. How do we fight that?

1. We present simple common sense fixes to the problem founded upon Conservative principles.
2. We present those policies with a united voice.
3. To do that we look for candidates from the heartland that know how to present those policies in a way the heartland understands. (Palin, Jindal, Ryan and a lot of other new bright eager faces come to mind.
4. We turn the liberal arguments around and knock the Dems over the head with them. For example with education. We tell them that children are being hurt and ruined for the rest of their lives by our educational system especially in the cities. How dare they perpetuate such a sin against our children. In this case especially we have common sense solutions at hand. Not to mention tons of evidence of the failure of their policies. See the link below.
5. Instead of arguing and squabbling now over who will give the message, let’s use a little political free enterprise. If we can work out our message, then the messenger who can deliver it best will soon enough rise to the top, we only have to allow (facilitate) that process.
6. We cannot fall back to circling the wagons, we must open up let the new voices be heard. As Paul Ryan said, we must take risks.
The Wackos will weed themselves out once they are in a place where they have to come up with solutions instead of just hurling insults.

How do we come up with the specific message backed up with facts and studies? Here I’ll stay with the example of education. We need to do the work, to dig up the facts. We need to know where to look for the facts. One such place I’ve found is The Mackinac Center. Be warned this is place that makes and publishes publications for the intake of the educational elite. The info. Is dry and not necessarily written to grab your attention in short sound bite sizes. That is up to us to ferret out the best way to popularize their facts.

The Mackinac Center is an information gold mine. Just remember like a gold mine it is a lot harder to dig for gold than to walk into a jewelry store. But without gold mines jewelry stores wouldn’t exist. I’m constantly amazed by the real Primary information they come up with. They generate their own studies based upon conservative ideas. The link below is one such study.
Check out the rest of the sight there are copious amounts of stuff. The site is hard to get around in but well worth the effort.

Not only do they do the primary research and publish the study they then give it away free to all on the internet. On top of that they set up a tour with speakers etc. to promote it in this case to the people that matter, the people who are in the educational system. That is pretty bold, giving a presentation favoring “Merit Pay” for teachers, to MEA types. I and a fellow blogger, The Muskegon Pundit attended that presentation in Lansing last summer. I found it refreshing.

One lesson I came away with from that engagement was that if the facts are presented in a straightforward manner and in that format, most people are not equipped to argue about it. In this case there were only a few who even remotely tried to question the conclusions.

So from Chambliss to Merit Pay I hope I made the connection. If not then I too must do some more work on the one thing this party lacks and that is their communication skills.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. The next connection is how to bring that to the local Township races. If we find a way we might have something. Who represents most directly the Parents of the children that are being so abused than our Township officials? The School Board Perhaps.

2 comments: said...

Saxby and Merit Pay are both sweetness squared!

Saw a quote earlier today that said something to the effect of "Republicans sweep first elections without George W. Bush on the ballot."

Comeback started a month ago. 700 days to go.


live dangerously said...

Yup. Now all we have to do is get the rest of the world to agree.

Regards LD