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Monday, September 8, 2008

Wow de Dowdy. Look at Drudge

The Drudge Report today 9/8/08 is full of good news
The bounce after the speeches at the Republican convention was better than the bounce Obama got from the other one.
The base is fired up, let’s do what we can to keep it that way. Let us make sure we do not do what we have done in the past, namely let our elites in our party sabotage this heaven sent chance. In the Drudge report also notice that there is an article about how this ascendancy may help congressional candidates. This is big this may be the “tipping Point” now everyone on three P U S H for all you got and we’ll get "this thing of ours" unstuck.

Obama may think he walks on water but he better look out for the line of cars flying by him. Lol.

Notice in Drudge that Oberman was canned as anchor. Notice two pictures of Palin. Who needs mudslinging when there is so much good to hold up and be proud of.

We can win this thing and people are becoming aware of it. That is the beauty of a secret ballot. The more mud slinging by the Dems, and the more viciously they attack, the deeper in their own morass of filth they sink. Let us be sure we do not stoop to their level. The American people are not as stupid and as blind as the Dems and some of our own elite think.

Now we have a choice. The choice is as vividly clear as I have ever seen it.

It is up to us TODAY. We need to ask ourselves every morning, “What Can I Do Today” to help this reform ticket, What Can I Do Today to help get the word out. What Can I Do Today to steer the Campaign along the positive and uplifting messages that WE NOW OWN simply by our actions of nominating this pair of candidates.

Come on down to the local party Headquarters and demand to help out. To be heard. Work with what is there, let’s make this a truly uplifting election.

Before you donate to a local candidate, make sure they are aware of the national race and remind them that there will be coattails to ride in on. Make everyone aware that you talk to of how great our candidates are. Defend them. Live Dangerously Don’t be Afraid to Be A Conservative. Never be afraid to do the right thing. This ticket will watch your back if elected. Let’s watch there’s thru the election.

Regrards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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