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Monday, May 15, 2017

When something you make to help you decides to help itself instead.

When is a System Too Big?

Simply stated a system is too big when it can’t accomplish the goals it was set up to fix. A corollary to that would be that the system becomes too big to be accountable for making the changes necessary to accomplish its original goals. Or again simply, the institution becomes more important than those it’s trying to help. The case below shows how a Hospital in its drive to save money and get the patients out leads to a pretty sad and catastrophic end. Its inability to change is causing deaths.

Case in point.

The tragic death of Lauren Bloomstein 20 hours after giving birth to a healthy child. She was a neo-natal nurse and Larry her husband was a doctor.

Please read the entire article and keep in mind the problem we are having with the education system which seems unable to change its practices and punish the unqualified with the resulting dumbing down of the educational system through a model which seems based more on what is good for the system than what is good for the students.

You will see the parallels - to me they were obvious. Everyone shifting blame until they landed on the fact that maybe the system was a fault and everyone seemed to agree that to fix that was too big to handle and it wasn’t their job. Nothing got changed.

Does this remind you of any other problems?

It does me.

I see this in all aspects of society today, as industries whether it be schools, governments or businesses as they consolidate and become these mammoth entities incapable of change whose main goal in life is to protect themselves and less about protecting the individual for which they were started in the first place. If you still have doubts look at the VA Hospitals.

A great movie about the inability of the education system to change is “Waiting for Superman”.

The problem is - there is no such thing as superman. It is only when enough individual people get together and create the political will does something get done. Or as the case in education, a system I feel is beyond fixing, individuals out of self-defense for their children have been able to over decades drop out and educate their own children. That has proved to be dare I say it, educational.

Individual liberty when actively pursued will force institutions to change or go under.

We do this in the free enterprise system when it is not monopolized.

Perhaps Lauren and Larry Bloomstein were too much of the system to see it clearly, but their lawyers are not and I expect they will hit the system where they hurt. But will that really solve anything? Probably the only changes will be the hospital will have to raise the costs to the patients for the bungling of its doctors and nurses to cover its rise in mal-practice insurance rates. Just another example of a system too big to fail passing on the costs of its failures to those they are supposed to be helping.

That is what I call the breakdown of the “Free Enterprise of Ideas” that used to run this country that made it great.

Why is it so hard to change something as simple as reading charts and taking the patients’ blood pressure? Why does it take a Superman?

Because we have let the villains become a Supervillains.

Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth
Bob Carr

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