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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Getting back Reality

The Promise of Andrew Breitbart

Alive and Kicking.

Andrew Breitbart was a bear of a man. Put him in a fur coat strap on some snow shoes and a fur hat and he would be the picture of a Mountain Man. The reality is far from it. Andrew was a confessed liberal to start with and partied with the best of them. That is perhaps why he knew what buttons to push when arguing with liberals. Plus he had no fear of pushing those buttons, in fact he reveled in it. The hate the left had for him could be explained by his cross over to the other side as well as his vociferousness.  But also his effectiveness at fighting them with their own tools.

We see others who have crossed over which ignited the rage of the left. Ronald Reagan immediately comes to mind. Also on the more esoteric side there is author and playwright David Mamet who wrote a book titled “The Secret Knowledge” which tells of the Left’s effort to dismantle American Culture. I read it and found it pretty insightful. He too was attacked but he never wavered, he just kept on producing great plays with great bottom lines, while the "critics and tastemakers" who control the media would have you believe Mamet is dead, the general public says the opposite.

Also there are other Conservatives who actually practice what the Left preaches and are hated all the more for it. Think Sarah Palin. The left talks of women’s rights and the right of women to be strong and how they should take on the male dominated power structure. Well Ms. Palin did just that and outed the Old Boys Club in Alaska and became Governor. She raised a “damaged” child, the Left you would think would be singing her praises. Why then did the Left reap so much hate upon her? It seems obvious that they disliked her because the Conservative Principles she used worked while the Progressive Principles the left has been espousing have never worked. They hate her for this.

This brings me to the topic of my blog. What matters more, the reality or the appearance of reality? As I write this blog and research through the internet I find myself at the mercy of the “critics and tastemakers”. Even when I search for an alternative to the lefts mind numbing prodigiousness to spin everything their way I too admit to being forced into an alternative route with alternative "tastemakers". To find some truth in between is hard.  However the control of the media by the left’s “tastemakers” needs to be fought against.

Andrew Breitbart knew (and let me borrow Mamet’s title) that “Secret Knowledge”. He tried to create internet platforms for an alternative to the left wing media in all aspects of it from movie to plays to music to news to government to politics to business. His main focus was to break into pop culture to give the young a conservative alternative to what they are inundated with. He tried to break the generational cycle and counteract the liberal educational system in his own way.  He did this through the internet.

We of the right need to make our feelings known as we did in the last election. But not once every four years. Not just in politics either, we need to do it in everything we do. We need to make it personal.  Sure we voted for Trump but where were we when Shelby school canceled an appearance of a Constitutional speaker? 

We need to get local and vocal.We need to go to conservative movies and not go to liberal ones. We need to go to stores that espouse conservative values and not buy at Liberal espousing ones. We need at this point to climb out of the pity pot and choose sides.

If the financial “bottom line” is the only avenue left for us to use in our free enterprise system, so be it, let’s not shy away from using it. As David Mamet’s plays are still popular in the larger audience hence his continued successful “bottom line”, so too can we say no to the “critics and tastemasters” who try to tell us what we should like. Come to think of it lets support Conservative “critic and tastemasters”. I realize to the pure of heart this seems like trading one taskmaster for another but sometimes sides have to be chosen. After the war the pure of heart can blame it all on Churchill and throw him out after the victory as long as they chose his side till won the war.

I think this is that time to choose.

I think the conservatives have for so long been in the minority position that they do not know how to actually lead anymore. Plus human nature is to complain rather than to actually do something. I’ve seen this from the beginning of the Tea Party and since. Conservative groups like to sit around and complain but not do anything. When it comes time to gather up volunteers, from the 50 people in the group you are lucky to get 4 or 5. This is just not found in the conservative world but in the whole of human nature. The problem is the liberals are in control and those “4 or 5” liberals of the 50 have the control of the media and the government. They are the taste and task masters now. As the government takes over more and more of what we individually had to be responsible for we as a people are becoming more and more reliant upon that government and less and less upon ourselves.

The giant wheel of government now takes so much effort just to slow down that I fear sometimes in my darkest thoughts that we will never be able to reverse it.

We are seeing more and more of Orwell’s “1984”s predictions coming true but thankfully we are not there yet. But is “2084” that far away. My kids may live to see it, my grandchildren will grow up in it. Do I want to be part of changing what they will see or not? What will the world we give them be like.?  What am I willing to do to change that dire future? That is the question.

I’ve heard Rush lament about this and he says that the truth will overwhelm the wall of falsehoods the media erects, but Rush mispoke because that wall will not crumble without us as a people pushing it over.  Without our demanding that the truth be told?

Now more than ever is the time to pick sides and start demanding.

Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth
Bob Carr

Here is a film I haven't watched but will.
The Circle staring Tom Hanks.  Not a great film by any means and this probably isn't meant to be Conservative but it definitely tears down the Progressive panasea.
Also I'm re-checking out "Pursuit of Happiness" with Will Smith all about working hard and family struggles.

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