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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Fight Never Ends. Be Ever Vigilant.


Since before the Tea Party, I have been writing about the backlash to “political correctness” and the ever growing and meddling government that culminated in the cry of “Leave Us Alone” coming from Middle America across the land that eventually coalesced around and elected Donald John Trump as President.

I then read an article about Gen Z and a backlash of their own. This backlash seemed to be against the liberal establishment and their thought police. This new “counter culture” is mainly centered on college campuses. It’s main battle cry is “Freedom of Speech”.

As far as speech goes these young freedom loving people are taking up the banner and in effect echoing the cry, “Leave Us Alone”. They are rebelling in order to regain their freedom to think and reason individually freely and publicly and not be told or forced into thinking and acting a certain way. 

Tyranny from their “educators” is causing this backlash and turning the freest of those thinkers into conservatives. Freedom of Speech is at the core of this conversion - Their Freedom of Speech. 

In the article which is linked below, I came across the term “regressive left” which is perfect for the chaos coming from the left these days.

I set about to find out if this Gen-Z backlash against the left is actually happening. Heck I didn’t even know what Gen-Z was or who the guy with the crazy name Yiannopoulos was.

I do now, that's him in the picture below.

The obvious place was to start with him, Milo Yiannopoulos who is actually promoting that backlash in America and in England. He is doing it on college campuses. That is really going into the belly of the beast. This guy is a piece of work.  

Ironically if you remember from the past and the article above college campuses were the birthplace of the “Free Speech” movement. 

Not no more.  Milo's getting death threats along with all the other hate for speaking his mind.

At an August 16th speech at a Young British Heritage Society in Central London Yiannopoulos said this. “The facts are no longer on the Left’s side – nor is the fun. So have fun, tell the truth – never stop laughing at these people (Leftists). These people deserve to be laughed at, they deserve to be ridiculed off their pedestals because they are preposterous.” Here is a picture of the crowd waiting to get in to hear him.

Kind of reminds me of a younger version of a crowd waiting to get into a Trump rally.

This new young group above are the ones being crowded, pushed, cajoled and beaten into being a liberal and while most are too afraid to speak up to the 83% of the liberal professors who grade them; they are more willing to show up at events like the Milo rallies.

If you think differently check out this googling of about college kids turning into Conservatives

Page after page of articles about the abuse Conservatives receive on Campus across the fruited plain of Freedom. This thuggery of the Left extends beyond the Ivy walls. 

Transition this to the real world, the Press outlets are the ones trying to crowd, push, cajole and thug everyday citizens into certain liberal ways of thinking and acting and even talking.

This last election it was those everyday citizens pushing back. They were the ones doing the pushing, crowding and cajoling.  Notice I didn't say thugging.  The thuggery was way, very far -Yugely on the side of the Leftists. 

The Backlash is happening on all fronts.

When I first started this blog years back I knew that the conservative cause was the one that took guts to be in. I lived in "the hood" of downtown Muskegon. It took guts to admit and talk like a conservative. My first blog was titled “Live Dangerously Be a Conservative”. Try knocking on doors for a Conservative Candidate in a 10-1 Democrat precinct like mine was. That is where the action was and according to Milo still is and then some. Imagine being a Gay Conservative and young on a College Campus. 

Courage wise I rank him up there with Ann Coulter.

I’ve always repeated the old saw about how conservatives win the arguments but lose the election. Well I knew “Fun” was the grease that would make us win again. My hero Andrew Breitbart tried to his dying day to do just that. He tried getting Conservatism into the mass media and social media, he tried making it cool again to be Conservative. He died trying. Milo is taking it a step further. Is it any coincidence that Milo Yiannapoulos works at Breitbart News?

You can then understand my joy when I heard the quote above from Milo about facts and fun. It is worth repeating. “The facts are no longer on the Left’s side – nor is the fun. So have fun, tell the truth – never stop laughing at these people. These people deserve to be laughed at, they deserve to be ridiculed off their pedestals because they are preposterous.”

The Backlash against the left is of their own making. People of all ages or generations of freedom loving people will fight when told what to do and how to do it – just as the left did when they were younger. It’s instinctual. Our Constitution enshrines it, calling our rights inalienable.

That was the driving force behind our nation’s great experiment in “self-governance”. 

Freedom is worth fighting for.

That and a lot of Courage. Together through the rise of civilization it has been one constant battle to keep our Individual Freedom.

 Or as Mel Gibson might say.


From One Fight to the Next

Through the Years


and Locally
October "2016"


This Sat. Feb. "2017" in Florida
Back to the People. 

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

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