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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Long, Hard and Bitter - Trump's Cabinet Confirmations

Thoughts on Trump’s Cabinet Picks.

The Senate confirmation process has been one of the longest, hardest and bitterest in US history.

But honestly did we expect any of this to be easy.

Case in point as to the longest.

Steven Mnuchin confirmed by the US Senate 2/16/2016. According to the Forbes article below it was the longest wait any President - ever had to wait for his Treasury Secretary to be confirmed. The article was written by Champaign Williams.

Case in point as to the bitterest in and out of the Senate. Betsy DeVos for Education. 

As to the bitterness, click on link for the article and please read the tweets at the end for some common sense.

The radical left seems lately to be shooting themselves in the foot. The public isn’t as dumb or gullible as they think, the public expects the Education Department head to have access to public schools.

The Senate Confirmation of Mnuchin also points to the hardness of the process. The article above notes, the Mnuchin confirmation was the first time in the history of the US that a cabinet confirmation vote in the Senate needed a tie-breaker from the sitting Vice President. Again for explanation this is the guy who will be leading the changes to Obamacare Trump desires to see.

Also along the line of foot dragging the Dems in the Senate have obstructed and tried to drag their Constitutional Duty out to the max. Here is an article about the troubles Sessions, Price and Mnuchin had with the minority in the Senate.

Why all the ruckus. 

In life as in most things when a new Coach, CEO or Governor or most other leaders are hired, it is expected that they will bring along with them people that they think will help them carry out their new duties and responsibilities. People understand this. As for the Presidency, there is usually grumbling and some protests from the minority but not in recent memory to this extent.

Again Why – Simple Trump is seeking a nearly primordial change to government and his Cabinet are the pieces on the chess board.

In Trumpeze it is called a Yuge change. A change in how we look at government and the private sector and ultimately how we look at ourselves individually and our individual place and importance in the world.

Kenedy said “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” After he was shot, his successor LBJ basically said go ahead ask us we’ll give it to you and now Trump is asking in effect; if you don’t want government always telling you what to do, ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your own damn self. Those were my words but I think you get the idea.

Trump is asking for a really - really big change in the government. (Oops a little more Trumpeze it's catchy).  A change back to people which will ask them to take more care of themselves.  That is what he believes his mandate from the people is.  We will see if that is what the people really want.

The government is up in arms. This change is far bigger than I realized until I started looking at the numbers.

For example this is a change from Teachers Unions in state run schools to Educational Choice championed by Betsy DeVos. Educational Choice is where public money (your tax money) follows the students to whatever school you want them to attend whether it be public or private – union or not. 

In other words parents have a choice in which schools they want to send their children to and to which schools their taxes go,.

Is it any wonder the teacher’s unions were and are up in arms about DeVos?

Donald Trump promised this type of change and is nominating a cabinet he feels will help him institute it. This change includes breaking up the status quo. Sounds easy, but remember the US Government employs nearly 22 million people not counting the Military. Putting that in context there are only a little over 12 million Americans employed in manufacturing.


See the difficulty.  Then think of all the government grant money that flows out to the local communities, and the jobs currently dependent upon it.  Think about it - this will be a huge change.   Conservatives when they talk about jobs mean the private sector, when Democrats talk of jobs they mean government jobs.

Over the last decades our country has gone from manufacturing to the service industry. Here is a quote from an article. “Most Americans work in the service sector. …., the biggest was education and health services (22.7 million workers), followed by professional and business services (20.3 million) and retail trade (just under 16 million). Manufacturing employed 12.3 million Americans; about 22.2 million were government workers (nearly two-thirds of them at the local level).”

No matter how you look at it, to swing the American economy back into Manufacturing from the service sector is going to be a huge task if not impossible. As in all things a big push needs to be made just to stop the momentum away from manufacturing.

The media is all over President Trump for not dealing with Obamacare and giving us a new tax plan. 

Well the Senate has just confirmed his Treasury Secretary (Steven Mnuchin) who would lead the change in tax laws and his Health and Human Services Secretary (Dr. Tom Price) who would lead the dismantling of Obamacare. Remember that these department heads once sworn in have to set up their own leadership team. That takes time.

The media is not giving him time, but most people are willing to.
That is why new administrations in the past were allowed a “honeymoon” to be able to get the kinks worked out. The media has not given a honeymoon to Trump and is lambasting him for not doing his job before they’ve given him a team to do it with.

Just some thoughts on Steven Mnuchin the newly confirmed Secretary of Treasury.

Remember Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which caused the implosion in home prices? Remember the Dems up in arms defending them. Mr. Mnuchin has vowed to get rid of them. (That was just after the election).  More recently there is this article which says Mnuchin wants to re-capitalize them putting them back into the private sector. This would level the playing field of mortages.

For all this from government back to the private hands type of change to work Trump needs overwhelming support from his base. 

A lot of his base get some form of government help, either they work for government or get some benefits from them. I sit on the elected County Road Commission Board, I’m also on a couple of local boards and our job seems to be to seek and spend government money. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you often hear people saying “If we don’t quick grab that (government) money some other county will”.  

I have never heard any of my board members say we have enough money.  Not once at least in public.
Politics is personal and as the quote above said, “…22.2 million were government workers (nearly two-thirds of them at the local level).” That is a lot of local people, local voters. I worry what happens when the cuts hit their wallets, what will they do - what will the local politicians do?

That will be President Trump’s job, to sell this slowing down of government to the people. He needs to show them how those changes are going to help Americans and their children and their grandchildren.

That is a job for a great leader and now with most of Donald’s Cabinet in place he needs to focus and start doing what he was hired to do. Now and onward we will be judging his pudding on the proof of his actions.

Sorry for the mutilated cliché but in these exciting fast changing times it seemed ok.

Oh and to all my conspiracy nuts out there. Steven Mnuchin worked as a "Professional" of Soros Fund Management LLC. I can already see the wheels spinning. Trump must really be the new Manchurian Candidate made by and run by George Soros. No doubt he is really a robot.

Well seriously -

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

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