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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Blind Leading the Blind

Blind Leading the Blind

I almost feel sorry for her and the Democrat Party – well almost - maybe on a good day.  Today is a good day for me, what with President Elect Donald Trump (I can’t get over saying that) acting Presidential in ways we can only long remember Presidents acting.  Standing for something, and then matching words with deeds and acting as if he was elected to take care of America for us.

He Was.

Under President Obama the Dems have suffered massive political losses not only in the Federal Government but down to the lowest level.  On this blog I turn things around and call the lowest or Township the highest, after all this blog is titled “Bottom Up Politics”.

A good local example of the coat-tails of Donald Trump was the race for the Oceana County Commission seat previously held by Evelyn Kolby since 2000.  Evelyn (a Democrat) whom I got to know well recently passed away and I was sorry to lose her as she was someone I could talk to about politics from the “other side”.  My heartfelt condolences go out to her husband Edward.  

The point however was that Martha Meyette a newcomer to politics beat her rather handily.  To Martha’s credit she did a lot of door to door campaigning and worked hard.  She was also at a couple of our Trump Flash Mobs, I obviously appreciated that.  That Commission seat included Newfield Township (Evelyn’s home) and Greenwood Township (Martha’s home).  It was shocking election night as the Newfield Township clerk brought in the results for Newfield to see Meyette won Evelyn’s Township by I think 20 votes.  Later Greenwood Meyette’s home township went to her big time and she handily won the Commission seat.  

Isn’t it ironic that it was the Republicans who almost got “straight party voting” eliminated? 

Look also at our state politics during the 8 years of the Obama Presidency.  Before Obama Mi. Republicans only had the State Senate by a small margin, but after Obama we won the State House by unprecedented gains in those 8 years and to top it off we gained the Governorship.  And for me the big one was installing and keeping a “Rule of Law” State Supreme Court.

On the National side of politics the following link shows the states in which one party holds all three branches for total control, the state House, State Senate and the Governorship.  Click on the pre 2010 election then on the pre 2016 election to see the dramatic shift. 

Nationally in those 8 years the Republicans won the House and Senate and now the Presidency.

There was a void in leadership and the people’s angst at being ignored was fueling that void and that void was being filled with the work from the bottom - right on up to the top.  A Presidential candidate who listened to the people and their anger and frustrations was needed.  A withering Primary with 18 candidates was fought and produced one.  That was Donald Trump.  He practiced a new politic won the battle for the nomination.  We all know what happened next. 

We Voted, We Won.

We had our man.

Which brings us to the other side, the broken Democrat Party and the title of this blog.  “The Blind Leading the Blind”.  The Donald wasn’t the blind one, his supporters weren’t; but everybody else was
The Democrat Party is in a mess much as the Republicans were before Reagan and his landslides.  Two keys here before I start. 
1.  We came back from our defeats, they can too.
2.  We can’t sit back and relax, we have to keep mobilized.

President Obama soon to be Ex-President Obama has said he will be helping the Dems start winning again.  How can it not be obvious even to the Dems that he is the driving force behind their current desolation?  By going to the Hard Left he has alienated most of their working class base.  That is why they are in the mess they’re in, the middle working class has had enough of being lectured too and blamed for his mistakes.

How can Obama helping to lead the Dems after he leaves office, not be a good thing for us?

Below is a good resource to see the gains made especially at the state level by the Republicans during the Obama Presidency.  Which I call “The lost Decade of Obama”.  Here I borrowed from the slogan “Michigan’s lost decade” derived from Mi. Dem. Governor Jennifer Granholm’s 8 years in power.

The next battle for the Dems is to select someone to lead them out of their mess.  Ms. Pelosi wants to keep the job as House Minority Leader:  she offers the same worn out policies that have failed and the American people are tired of.  

Her challenger Tim Ryan (D) Ohio said the following in a piece from “The Hill” written by Mike Lillis.  “We have got to have someone who cannot just go on MSNBC, but go on Fox and Fox Business and CNBC and go into union halls and fish fries and churches all over the country and start a brush fire about what a new Democratic Party looks like.” .  That bothers me because it is exactly how the Conservatives took over the Republican Party and the Country

Remember too how Trump went to Detroit, got backing from Black and white ministers?

Frankly I hope Pelosi gets the vote from their caucus.  Then that would prove to me that the blind really are leading the blind and I will sleep better.  We have a chance here to cement the connections we have made with the working middle class.  Pelosi if she wins the leadership position would give us the breathing space we need to keep reaching out to truly broaden our base.

The biggest weapon the Dems have left on their side is the Main Stream Media.  How can we at the local level compete with that?  We can and we have.  It is simple, from the bottom up, just change channels.  Stop buying liberal newspapers, stop going to liberal websites and stop watching liberal movies.  

We can and have been making our opinions known.  The flip side is shop at businesses that share our views, go to channels that tell the truth, and get involved if you can with a good candidate at the local level.  Pat people on the back when they do right and not just yell at them when they do wrong.

As with did in politics, we make major changes by starting at the bottom.  First there must be a real reason for our protests (for me individual freedom will do), then we need to organize.  We have seen that the Trump Presidency could not have been possible without all of the effort from the bottom up over the last 8 years gaining majorities in the states.  In effect we created a vacuum that was filled by a candidate.  As I have blogged about before we need a good candidate.  Not just any candidate but one that was tested in battle.  Tested against 18 other candidates trying to fill that void.  A fighter and a winner.  Trump listened to us and we responded and he/we won.
It is our job now to fill another void, this time in the Media.  That void is there and has been filled since Fox came on the scene, the internet and Google search, and journalism.  Andrew Breitbart helped fill it and created Breitbart News.  People like Anne Coulter, Michelle Malkin and James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, Drudge and all the rest.  Not to mention Steve Bannon. LOL we have to let Free Enterprise be free. Don't forget Drudge, Rush, Hannity and Laura Ingrahm.

Think about this for a moment please.  Free Enterprise is the last place we have to express our opinions.  Politics used to represent us but became more and more under the influence of lobbyists, then labor came up to help the working man only to themselves be bought out, the media was there alone to represent us against big Government, big Business etc.  Then they too seem to have gotten into bed with politics and labor and big business to sell us out. 

Perhaps this is why free enterprise is being attacked constantly by the media, government, and labor.  It is the one tool we have left to make our voices heard.  Voting which is the political equivalent to free enterprise and which for both the freer the better.

We can use that tool help make news coverage more “fair and balanced” letting us help our elected leaders keep their promises.  Bottom line is that we are the key ingredient to Freedom.  If freedom of the press is the Fifth Estate, then we are the First Estate upon which all the others are built. 

We have the responsibility to judge whether what we are told is honest or not.  If not then it is our responsibility to let them know.  If they don’t listen we have the responsibility to change how we act.  If necessary change our news provider.  We have been doing that for a long time and have seen the Mass media in print, TV and radio going down in viewership.
We have seen in the past and now with NFL how just plain people like you and me from the bottom up can have an effect upon what is happening.  With the lack of respect for the flag and National Anthem shown recently by some players, the attendance and viewing numbers began falling.  That already has made an impact.  We have seen it with businesses such as Chic Filet; since their drubbing by the media they are doing better than ever. 

On a local scale we saw the bad press about Fricano’s Pizza because they put out Trump signs and supported Trump.  The Chronicle, MI live and protestors tried to shut them down.  At a recent event I talked with Ted Fricano and thanked him for weathering the storm and asked if his business had suffered.  He told me that if anything his business has increased. He said at the event, this is the first time since they opened the building that he has full occupancy.  Ted is a true example of politics from the bottom up, our voices can be heard.

Bob Carr 
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

Just a quick reminder of something one man said that started the Tea Party.  A single voice can make a difference.

Rick Santelli’s Rant that started the Tea Party Movement. .

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