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Thursday, November 17, 2016

AE (After Election)
Trump Highlights I

It started from reading a Peggy Noonan article Peggy Noonan. just before that I watched the whole 60 minutes interview with President Donald Trump.  Then I started writing and it was pretty much a “stream of consciousness” type of thing.  I then sat down to edit.  This is what I have left.
I’ve always admired Peggy Noonan but lately she too had been caught up in the Anti-Trump establishment rhetoric.  She like the rest of the media failed to see the forest for the trees.  This last post of hers is an attempt to try to figure out what happened.  I think it is fair to say that she is trying to be fair to the facts of what happened and in her elegant way stated it clearly in the following snippet from her article in the Patriot Post.  She even makes eating Humble Pie seem elegant.
“First, our democratic republic is vibrant and alive. It is not resigned. It is still capable of delivering a result so confounding it knocks you into the next room.
Nobody rigged this. Nobody hacked it. There weren’t brawls at polling places, there was kindness and civility. At the 92nd Street Y I got to embrace three neighbors. All this in a highly charged, highly dramatic and divisive election. We did our democratic work and then went home. It all worked.
Second, Donald Trump said he had a movement and he did. This is how you know. His presidential campaign was bad — disorganized, unprofessional, chaotic, ad hoc. There was no state-of-the-art get-out-the-vote effort — his voters got themselves out. There was no high-class, high-tech identifying of supporters — they identified themselves. They weren’t swayed by the barrage of brilliantly produced ads — those ads hardly materialized. This was not a triumph of modern campaign modes and ways. The people did this. As individuals within a movement.
It was a natural, self-driven eruption. Which makes it all the more impressive and moving. And it somehow makes it more beautiful that few saw it coming.”
----End of snippet----
This sums up the reason she and all the rest of the media and establishment failed to see it coming.  They were not nor did they try to put themselves where the action was really taking place – within the movement.  They were above all that and missed the big picture entirely.  That place was down at the level of the common voters not so much at the 92nd St Y but down at the local coffee shop in a small town of less than 1,000 in the depths of fly over country.  This is where the rubber of the politics from Washington meets the washboard dirt road of rural/middle America.  This also is where the concept of Trillions of infrastructure Trump talks about filtered down to the people of the movement and his plain talk etc. got them out to vote in record numbers.  It is Trump’s job now to streamline the government so things like road repair will actually get done at the local level.  His job to let free enterprise rise up unencumbered by Washington at this local level to give them back the hope of being able to help him Make America Great Again. 
I was asked at our local Tuesday morning Conservative coffee clutch how I could know so early that Trump could win.  It was simple, I was already there at that place the Movement started and all I had to do was to listen.  It was easy to see the enthusiasm the people had, for not just Trump but what he represented – Change.  People wanted to “Make America Great Again”.  The country needs change badly and voted for it the prior two elections.  They didn’t get what they wanted, but they voted for it again in Donald Trump and we are all hoping it will happen now.  From that 60 minutes interview I got a better measure of the man and was not disappointed but rather encouraged that he can do much of what he promised.
At the library I watched the entire 60 minutes interview with Donald and I was taken back by his honesty and willingness to say bluntly what he thought.  His self-confidence came through when asked how he would get rid of ISIS -- he bluntly said I’m not telling you.  (Didn’t he write a book titled The Art of The Deal?) When the subject of alleged examples of hate speech etc. happening was brought up and asked what he would do about it; he didn’t go into a long diluted explanation or sermon but simply said “Stop It”.  He then physically turned away from the interviewer and said to America.  “Stop It”.  I got the feeling from how he said it and his body language that he wasn’t just talking to his supporters but to all Americans.  Then when asked about this but about all the media hype about it.  He said.  “Who Cares?” 
I’ve always said with Trump you get a clean slate.  He is someone strong and wealthy enough to be independent of the establishment, to be able to bring real change to government.  I saw someone not beholding to anyone and with the ability, strength, honesty and self-confidence to grow into the office.  In that interview I think we saw that very growth happening. 
I for one am chomping at the bit to let that happen.  As Peggy Noonan said we are the self-identified voters and doers that define this movement to make America great again.  Let’s do it.  What’s a Movement without movement?  How can I pitch in to help? 
1st.  Tell people to “Stop It”.  I’m making that a mantra when I hear friends getting carried away about the other side; about race or liberals or Progressives I too will be blunt and tell them to “Stop It”.  Then I’ll say let’s start working to “Make America Great Again”.
2nd. Also I’m telling the media and all others “Who Cares” when they carry on and on and on about something that has not the slightest effect on me.  I’m getting my head out of the rut of negativity and demanding change and a media that will help us into a better world.  I’m doing that in a way they will have to understand or go out of business.  I’m turning off the TV or at least changing channels. (Remember I’m poor and in fly over country and only get 4 channels).  I’m working from the “bottom up” calling local radio talk shows and telling them I don’t care about their latest gobble de gook they pass off as news.  Importantly I’m backing any that gives us real news, and candidates that are positive and for change.  I want some real nonpartisan professional reporting.  As Joe Friday on Dragnet used to say:  Just the facts Mam. Let US decide what to make of and how to use those facts. I’m turning local where my voice can still be heard and turning off the national media until they come back with some common sense.  Till they get out of their virtual reality and join us in the real world.
3rd.  Above all get involved.  With your neighbors and all you have contact with.  It is amazing how many people, even the remotest of us come in contact with.  Get into local government, see how it actually works.  We need to stand up like we just did this election and keep this process moving.  Trump said Twitter and the social media was a form of communication and he uses it, will probably be the first President to tweet in office.  I can hear it all now; the first Tweeter in Chief.  You know what I say to that?  “Who Cares”!
Well that’s it just for starters.

Regards, Bob Carr

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