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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Political Correctness gone Amuck

Political Correctness Gone Amuck.

President Obama has sanctioned a no-fly zone in Libya. Apparently the "Anti Government" forces lacked the aircraft that the government of Libya was using to defend itself from the "Anti Government" protesters. As the media portrayed this effort to impose a no-fly zone; we were told that this effort would level the playing field.

Obama figured as he always seems to do, that if as he said it, so it shall be written and so it shall be done. After all he did warn Gaddafi that he should abdicate and leave the country.

So it is with the latte sipping coffee house crowd; they seem to think that simply by saying something the problem will be solved through their superior intellect. The reality is now coming to light. As we are seeing the "no-fly" zone also means "no-tank-no big artillery, no command- centers or no anything that would hinder the anti government forces from winning. Of course to enforce that we are using military technology that Gaddafi and his military never dreamed of. ------ So much for a level playing field.

I guess this is a Politically Correct way to get your way. But I ask you to stop and think. Let's put our feet into that shoe..... World opinion has been against the US. for quite awhile. How would we feel if Iran led strikes against what they and seemingly the rest of the Islamic world felt was an unfair advantage capitalism in America was using against them. The perfect symbol of that would be the World Trade Towers in NY. Then let us say that we retaliated with weapons and technology the Islamic world lacked, should they have the right to balance the playing field? Should we first not arm and train them in the tools we would use against them??

As the Tea Party people would say “Common Sense” is dearly lacking in our current administration

Let us just say now that in a backlash of his own making, our President has seemed to have stepped in it.

From Drudge I find all sorts of backlash.

First Anti-War protesters;

Anti-war protesters are dusting off their old signs and shaking the bugs out of their beards to try and reinvigorate the anti war protest movement of the 60’s, which as you remember started under the watch of President Kennedy and later President Johnson and then if you really want to talk about inheriting a mess, that is what President Nixon inherited.

Next Nation of Islam leader.

First Louis Farrakhan gives Obama a dire warning to “watch out Brother”.
Then anti-war protesters are making their feeling known about Obama’s “2nd War”. His first was of course Afghanistan.

Then there is the First Couple’s vacation in Rio.

The President’s upcoming visit to Brazil was already causing riots and protests that have had to be broken up with the use of rubber bullets and some good old fashioned skull cracking by the government forces. Perhaps President Obama and his coalition at the UN should enforce a “no-rubber bullet and no-club zone” at least for his visit. After all the poor protesters have no such fancy things as rubber bullets although they do have access to clubs. -------Yes even in America clubs are available-----

Read further in Drudge and you’ll see that the President had to cancel a speech and a press conference due to this “backlash”.

I think perhaps he is better at picking basketball winners or playing golf than he is at actually doing something in the foreign policy field other than talking---and as far as taking responsibility for what he says – well forget about it.

Nobody seems to see the writing on the wall so let me decipher it for you.
The Dems need for 2012 a leader of the Anti-war movement to step forward, some one similar to George McGovern. Remember the glory days of the Dem. Convention and Liberal Peace movement??? The shouting and protesting?

The Uber Left has to regain controll of the Democrat party to lead us into the future and protect us from ourselves. I remember what that led to with the McGovernites.

They started in 1968 when the anti-war protests were at their height but failed to gain any of their leaders the nomination. The next election cycle (1972) saw George McGovern emerge as the nominee of the Democrat party and the Uber Left. They lost the election in the most lopsided manner ever. Looking at the comparison closer, I doubt that like Lyndon Johnson, Obama will decide not to run again. But remember that Johnson handpicked his successor who in 68 beat down the anti-war crowd through the help of the Democrat machine and Mayor Daley. That same machine will do what it can to stop any insurgents from toppling Obama.


BTW If anyone needed a hand and weapons etc to level the playing field it was the poor Uber Left during the battle in the streets of Chicago. Talk about tyrants quelching the will of their people. Lol

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative

Postscript --- Remember all you Union organizers and thugs, the busses that brought you to the protest will be the same busses that your leadership will throw you under once you’re not necessary.

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