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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Census Figures In -- Oceana's 1st Tea Party

First to the Census and Reapportionment

The 2010 Census figures are now in at the Mi. Secretary of State website


These figures are what determines the political district lines throughout the state.

Reapportionment at all levels is gearing up for the battles to come.

First, Mi has lost population overall as you can see by the link above we in Michigan will lose one seat and voice in the US House of Representatives.

Our Michigan State House and Senate district lines will be redrawn.

So will our County Commission lines. The County lines are what I'm interested in. Here is the set up.

1. Each county in the state forms a five person reapportionment committee made up of the County Treasurer, Clerk, and Prosecuting Attorney; along with the County Chairs of each of the political parties. This has been done.

2. Depending upon the County Committees, there may be some “informational” public meetings to get input from the public on how the people feel the lines should be drawn.

3. Once the Census figures come out then a complicated set of timelines is started. What they boil down to is setting a time limit to study the figures and come up with a plan. BTW, anyone can submit a plan, not just the members, however the members are the ones that decide.

4. All of this information should be made public with ample time for the public to look at the information and submit a plan.
Here is my information on this.

I went to a public meeting in Ravenna of the Muskegon County Reapportionment Board, this was one of many previously held across the county. A resident of Ravenna labored long and hard to make that meeting happen. She wanted to make sure that the more rural areas of the County would be at least heard. This is what I learned from that meeting.

1. Though it hasn’t been decided my guess is that Muskegon County will lower the number of Commissioners by 4 from 11 to 7. There happens to currently only be 4 Republican Commissioners. Of the Reapportionment Board, 4 of the 5 are Democrats. You do the math.

2. About the mechanics I learned the following;

a.The number of districts is variable from 5 – 25 (it may be 5-23) ; regardless of the population of the County.
b.The one man one vote proviso only demands that the districts are roughly equal. Kay Punter said the exact figures as far as deviation from the average t was roughly 5% either way or 10% total. Example if the county has a population of 20,000 and they want 5 commissioners their districts will each have 4,000 plus or minus 200 (5% of 4,000).

The main thing I understand is that the more representatives there are for let us say a County of 20,000 the more weight my voice will carry. Example if there are 5 commissioners I am one voice of 4,000 for my commissioner to hear. If there are 10 commissioners for the same 20,000 then I am one voice of 2,000 for my commissioner to hear. My voice would be twice as loud. The latter was seems the best way for me or anyone’s voice to be heard.

I just found out that the Oceana Reapportionment Board will meet March 31st Thurs. 2pm at the county bldg in Hart.

Overall it seems people are moving out of the cities to the more rural areas. My conclusions from briefly looking at the figures is that they are not moving to be away from the amenities as much as they are moving to get away from the "Big Government" mentality of their elected officials. They seem to be moving from the cities to the subburbs that still have the amenieties like TV and highspeed internet, large supermarkets and seem willing to give some of each for larger yards and smaller government. This seems to go across racial lines.

People in the "Primitive" areas lacking most amenities and miles from "civilization" are also losing population.

I hope this is a trend towards self "governance" which by the way is the title of a great short pithy and stimulating book by Scott Rasmussion. Time will tell.

Now some great news. Oceana County will be having its first Tea Party meeting 3/23/11 at the Golden Township hall. 5537 Fox Rd. Mears Mi.

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We couldn’t have picked a worse day weather wise (careful driving) – well just think of Washington crossing the Delaware river in the dead of winter and it won’t seem so bad.

This will be an organizational and get together meeting, I’m sure we will have another real soon to get officers etc elected and the show on the road.

If you are interested in doing something to change the mess we are in come on down

All are welcome

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