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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catch ups

My “Limbo” I talked about last post may be coming to an end.

Let me first catch you up.

Tuesday morning we held our first “Carmen Like” Conservative Breakfast in Oceana County. It was held at Morat’s Bakery on State Street (the main drag) in Hart. For a first meeting, it went well. There were four of us at this beginning event. See pic below.

I had hoped for more but compared to the start of the Muskegon Conservative Breakfast we had an auspicious start. I’ll be working on getting more people to attend; I already have more who have committed to coming.

Our venue will change from Morat’s to a fine Mexican Café across and just down the street called La Fiesta, downtown Hart. (231) 873-4345.

The campaign I’ve labeled “Dump Debbie” is off and running. I had made up 10 buttons (see below) at Shirts n Stuff. I’ve given out 6 already.

The point of the campaign is to start planting the seed that in the next election a US Senator from Michigan is up for election. Her name is Debbie Stabenow. The Dump Debbie idea is to get people to ask Debbie who? So far it’s working.

I was really happy when Susie Hughes showed up at our latest Musk. GOP meeting with the flyer below. Susan put a lot of work into the research and as she told me by the time she was finished she was really steaming at all the pork Ms. Stabenow was responsible for. Susan made up a bunch of copies later and we passed them out at the Muskegon Tea Party meeting last night.

Click on image to enlarge

I was asked at that meeting if I would help set up a Tea Party in Oceana County. I’m going up there this morning to meet with a couple people.

Getting back to the limbo thing, after the Conservative Breakfast I stopped at my new house and the previous owners were moving out. We talked and I’ll be getting the keys this Friday. I already changed the electrical service into my name starting then. Looks like I will start to “unlimbo”. (LOL)

Our Musk. GOP meeting was short but well attended and after we had our poll challenger wrap up. Barb VanderVeen from the state was there. We learned a lot and will be even better next time around. I am upbeat about the process. Precinct Delegates have found a true friend in Barb. Susie Hughes Chaired our meeting as the Chair was busy elsewhere.

Our Musk. Tea Party had about 30 people and we talked mainly about the election and put out some ideas about what to do now that the election is over, as I’m moving I didn’t volunteer much.

That’s it for now. As always more will follow.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS, I'm starting to get my Website Bottom Up Politics back up and up to date.
Here is a link to the calendar of events.

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