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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sadness in my Heart

Last night I went to bed with the knowledge Pete Hoekstra lost his bid to be our next Governor. My compliments to his crew, they triumphed over what they thought would be his chief opponent Mike Cox. His consultants just forgot to enter Rick Snyder into their computer models and that his strength was his grass roots until it was too late.

Last night too I went to bed with the hope that Ken Punter could rally from the returns of the perpetually late Norton Shores. At 1pm he was only behind some 500 votes. Well I see that Holly Hughes swept the 11 precincts of Norton Shores leaving Ken Punter around 2500 votes short.

I was also caught with a lump in my throat when I saw Bill Cooper had finished 4th in the 2nd Congressional. When I saw the effort and vitality he and his crew brought to campaigning in West Michigan Bill Huizenga as Holly pulled it out representing the old school politician.

I am saddened to see this fountain of new ideas shut off. Especially with Cooper I’m saddened by my very late entry into his race. I hope both these candidates don’t disappear from politics. They bring a needed freshness to politics.

I don’t have time to analyze any of these races now as there are a million yard signs that need pulling; but at first glance the paradigms are in flux. People in the more local races seemed to pick the experienced operatives, but the larger less personal races like the governorship for example they picked a newcomer, an unknown.

On that race they were more willing to pick a newcomer.

In the next rank down, the US House, there was a battle between the political operative Bill Huizenga that people had known as a politician for a long time and the non-politician/football player Jay Riemersma. It was close but the familiar won.

In the Hughes vote, she won more easily.

At my level to my utter disappointment Marcia H. Wright won. The local conservative battles in my neighborhood will increase ---

It will be more dangerous to be a conservative.

Change is always harder to do yourself than to think others should.

I’m still addled after this election and have signs to pick up. Then there is the question of which state do I want to move to.

Maybe Wyoming. ?????


Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Never fear, hope abounds and the next place we have an ability to change the party from the inside is on the Precinct Delegate front. We as PDs can try to pick conservative nominees at the state convention then come back and pick our local party leadership. If that fails then we start recruiting new PDs now.
Never fear I ain't leaving.


Jason Gillman said...

On that race they were more willing to pick a newcomer.

Indeed.. but what the "newcomer" did, was to pull in those who would recognize names that already existed. The Democrats who voted at all levels because of the top of the ticket have destroyed a resurgence of conservative values, and the hope of Michigan regaining her former glory.

This "newcomer" destroyed the progress of the Michigan Republican party's repair.

Ken Punter said...

Thanks for the blog posts and being a true conservative...perhaps you need to come live in conservative country, namely Ravenna.

live dangerously said...

Jason, nice work on the "Fake Tea Party" scam. That's what bloggin's all about.

The "newcomer" will be hard to work with to be sure. But the one thing the Republican Party had forgotten and that the Tea Party needs to keep in the forefront is that elections and real change needs to come from the bottom up.

Maybe our PD efforts will help. The main thing is for the PDs with Tea Party connections to learn is that there is more to being a PD than voting in the convention. PDs are and should be the building block for the Republican and Tea Parties.

Ken, I just might.