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Friday, July 23, 2010

David and Goliath (local American style)

David and Goliath (American Political Style)

There is a primary race in my neck of the woods that is shaping up to be a classic David and Goliath story out of the Bible. That race is for the 91st district State House seat.

If you remember from the Bible, Goliath was a giant standing over 9 feet tall and clad in name brand armor. He represented the Philistine army as they faced off against King Saul and the army of Israel. Due to the immense size and strength of the mightily armored Goliath, King Saul’s army was intimidated and frightened into not attacking.

That came to an end when David, a teenager who had been sent by his father to get news of the battle heard the taunts and insults of Goliath. With only the simple faith of his beliefs he stepped onto the field and won a victory over the Philistines.

We all know the story, though everything was against David, the simple faith in his beliefs led him unswervingly to attack and defeat the mighty Goliath. Ever since; that story has come to symbolize the triumph of the underdog over seemingly insurmountable odds.

In this current reenactment the role of David is being played by Ken Punter and Goliath by Holly Hughes. The seeming strength of Holly Hughes lies in the size of her bank account and her armor is made up of all the National Republican contacts and offices she holds. She knows all the right people personally from John McCain to Michael Steel. On down the food chain to Ron Weiser the Republican State Chair.

On top of this she is the National Republican Committee Woman; a highly influential position in National Party Politics. She was instrumental in electing Michael Steel to the National Republican Chair.

On the National Republican Party stage she is a key player.

Combined with the armor of her name dropping and the towering height of her financial stature she is indeed daunting to lesser mortals. Now to the specifics.

Both of the Republican Candidates have submitted their pre-election financial reports for the primary. A recap of the information which is available on the Secretary of State website is as follows:

Holly Hughes: Contributions - $25,896.41; Expenditures - $119,780.23; Cash Loans from Candidate (this election cycle) - $80,000.00; Account Balance - $7,340.39

Punter: Contributions - $10,960.33; Expenditures - $14,475.57; Cash Loans from Candidate (this election cycle) - $5,000.00; Account Balance - $1,373.43

Goliath is out spending David by 8/1 !!!!!
Most people would gasp and say Ken Punter is outmatched and sure to lose.
I simply wonder why Holly Hughes thought she needed to spend so much against a rival spending so little in the primary.

I also start to wonder if Ms. Hughes spends her own money so freely how will she spend the taxpayer’s money.

Ken Punter is not easily intimidated; I guess that is what comes from retiring from the Marines as a Lieutenant.Colonel. In the same vein he knows how to stay focused and follow through what he starts. His 15 years on the school board attests to that.

He brings to the field in his sling a simple but deadly weapon --

People Over Politics

As with the stone in the Bible; Ken Punter’s simple faith in that slogan may indeed bring down a modern day Goliath.

If that happens; as with the Army of Israel the Republican base will then have time to think and realize it was really inevitable.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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