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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chetly Zarko is Dead, but not forgotten

Chetly Zarko has passed away at the age of 39.

Our condolences go out to Eric Rothoff the Co Chair of the Muskegon Tea Party who was a friend and fellow co worker of Mr. Zarko.

The Muskegon Tea Party had its Executive Board meeting 8am Tues. Eric with the rest of our board was there talking the business of our Tea Party group. We were discussing putting out a press release regarding the fake Tea Party which just announced it had filed the necessary petition signatures to put their name on the ballot.

Because Eric was intimately involved with Chetly Zarko and his efforts since last May to expose the “Tea Party Party” as a fake; our co chair was able to give us some needed insight into who was probably behind the effort to deflect the popularity of the Tea Party Movement and its influence on the elections.

Here is a link to a radio station site which gives Wendy Days opinion.


Here is a link to the Mackinaw Center’s RIP article. It has some good links about Chetly Zarko.


I only met him a few times and then only in passing, usually at Conservative meetings or conventions in and around Lansing where he was based. One example was a Center Right Meeting in Lansing hosted by Jack Hoogendyk.

I can only empathize with Eric on his loss, and tell him to keep involved in all the work he and Zarko have been doing to keep the fight for freedom alive. Keep immersed in the effort to allay your sorrow and know that by doing so your boss would be proud.

Again our condolences go out to his family friends and co workers of which Eric our co chair is included.


Just talked with Eric and he told me he was he the one who found Chet at around 11 Tues. He also said Chet was in his chair and Fox was on. Eric believed that he was the last one to talk with Chet on the phone and it was (if I remember the conversation correctly) Sat. Eric found Chet Tues. Chet's parents had called Eric to check on Chetly. An autopsy will be performed today; which will determe cause and time of death.

One side effect of this is that Eric was going to be the MC at the Young Republican sponsered 2nd Congressional Debate at MCC, now he will not be able to do it. A suitable replacement will be found he assured me.

We will all miss Chetly's due dilligence in bringing to light that which has been in the dark too long. The burden upon us to try to make up the difference in this fight for transparancy and freedom has indeed increased with his passing.

Bill Cooper Sues Jay Riemersma.

Here is the link to an MLive article. The news came out last night.

As if there wasn't enough sizzle in the frying pan which is the Republican Primary race for the 2nd Congressional Seat. Now we learn that Bill Cooper is filing a lawsuit against Jay Riemersma.


The debate in Muskegon should be interesting. Think the media will perk up their ears at this. Get there early.

In a phone conversation today with Meghan Cooper I learned some things she ok'd for publication.

1. This lawsuit was filed three weeks ago. (Like I said this news just came out)
2. Meghan claims the Cooper camp did not make the news public.
3. When I asked the motivation for the lawsuit as it would not be settled before the August primary, she told me the Bill Cooper did it to stand up for himself and to do what was right.
4. Bill Coioper will attend the MCC debate mentioned above Thurs as scheduled.

I asked for some specifics as to what was alleged and what they had proof of.
She told me they were accusing the Riemersma camp when going door to door of stating falsehoods about Bill Cooper. She listed a few.

1. That Bill Cooper wasn't a Christian.
2. That Bill Cooper moved from Arizona to Michigan just to run for office
3. That a business of Bill Coopers was foreclosed on for failure to pay taxes.

Meghan then explained the truth to these accusations.

Bill Cooper belongs to a Church in Fruitport for 25 years, his children attend a Christian School.

Bill Cooper never had residence in Arizona.

While he paid the taxes late he did pay them and it wasn't done to avoid paying but rather a not uncommon business tactic.

I also talked with Lia who was covering for Jane Jelgerhuis Jay's campaign manager. I was sorry to here that Jane was in the Hospital for some serious surgery. The prognosis was positive but she was in no position to comment at this time. Lia said she would contact me Monday.

Lia did confirm however that Jay Riemersma will attend the debate Thurs at MCC.

That's is except for some hard real stuff from my precinct. (Precinct 6, Ward 2 city of Muskegon)

Wow what a bash at Love Community Garden. The Picnic was put on by the Garden under the direction of Morning Bear and The Love Fellowship Baptist Church and Pastor Phillips. BBQ@ chicken, Pulled pork and Hotdogs and Hamburgers. The rides for the kids were fantastic, we had face painting and even a petting zoo. The ladies of the Church made some great dishes to go along with the meat. Big fun and plenty of kids having a ball and well behaved.

This is a perfect example how people can get together and learn again how to be self sufficient and create the neighborhood feeling of old. In My Opinion this is a perfect example of Church injecting moral values back into the community.

Also the Republicans had a road clean up with Stu as always setting it up. Along with Stu Peterson in the pic is Jim Riley in the middle and on the Right Ken Punter candidate for the 91st State house seat.

Also not in the pic was Jon Koens and State Rep. Goeff Hansen candidate for the 34th state Senate seat.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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