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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wow. Mike Nofs wins Michigan’s 19th state senate special election.

Wow. Mike Nofs wins Michigan’s 19th state senate special election.
Here is the SOS link.


As if that wasn’t enough good news for Republicans, Virginia And New Jersey have elected new governors, Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie respectively.


The other major race with national attention was NY’s 23rd. Owens a Democrat won against a Conservative party candidate by 2 points.

The striking thing in these races was that the media picked the New Jersey governor’s race as the “nail biter”. McDonnell won by 18% in Virginia in a walk off; and Christie became governor of New Jersey by 5%, overcoming a “conservative spoiler”.

The real “nail biter” was in New York’s 23rd where a Conservative 3rd party candidate with no name recognition and not backed by either party lost by only 2%. Doug Hoffman that Conservative candidate one month ago was in single digits in the polls. Hoffman and his ever increasing list of supporters claimed that Deede Scozzafava the Republican candidate was no different than the Democrat. As Hoffman’s support grew Deede quit campaigning and threw her support to the Democrat Ownes!!!??? Scozzafava left her name on the ballot and garnered 5% of the vote.

If we are to call Hoffman the spoiler in the race; then turnabout is fair play. Deede was indeed in the end the real spoiler in this race by taking away 5% of the vote from Hoffman by backing the Democrat and letting the Democrat Owens win.

The winner in New Jersey, Chris Christie gave a rousing acceptance speech which for us in Michigan echoes what our Republican candidates are saying about our 2010 election being about keeping our children from leaving the state.

------snippet from acceptance speech-----
"Tomorrow we will take back New Jersey back for our families. Tomorrow we will take back New Jersey for our friends," Christie said. "Tomorrow we begin to build that greater New Jersey for our children and grandchildren. I want my children to raise their children in this state. I want your children to raise their children in this great state.

"I will tell you, the campaign we just went through was easy compared to the tasks that will face us to fix this state. There are no easy answers to these difficult questions.

"Starting tomorrow, we are going to pick Trenton up and turn it upside down."
We at “Bottom Up Politics” think Lansing needs to be turned upside down, what say you. If we do it together we can come this time next year have a hand in the shaking up of Lansing. The 19th is a good start.

All of these races point to the fact that it truly is the “economy stupid”. Whether it is about jobs, taxes or out of control spending of our tax dollars, or waste and or corruption; I think it obvious the people have flat out said “Enough is Enough” big government.

In our state, the really great news is that Mike Nofs won the 19th. Back in April I drove down to Jackson when he announced and met the man. Right from the start he had a plan and his focus was Jobs First. This guy meant business. The other thing I picked up was that Nofs was a hard worker. People kept telling me that. Below is a link to that article in April.


From then till now I met Mike Nofs a couple of times and went door to door with him, Goeff Hansen and Darwin Booher (two other State Senate Candidates). During that last visit it was obvious from talking to some of his staff that the tide had turned in their favor and the Griffin campaign was floundering. It was intimated that the Dem. Party was trying to highjack the Griffin campaign in an effort to resurrect it. I guess they failed.

Mike Nofs victory was truly staggering. So far the vote total was 20k vs 11k.
While Mike gets the credit for tirelessly campaigning and stating his message clearly, the above margin of victory was gotten through the efforts of the State Party. The adopt a precinct program set up by the state and their busloads of volunteers did the trick that was needed to get out the vote. From our area Goeff Hansen and Holly Hughes were in the 19th manning the GOTV phones along with many others. From Muskegon, Jan Koens made the trip a few times and went door to door. He was not alone.

On a sadder note, Jan Koens lost his bid for the non partisan North Muskegon City Council. Jan remains however one of our hardest working party functionaries as District 2 and Muskegon County Republican Treasurer. I see this as a blessing in disguise for Jan as this would of narrowed his focus and tied him up for the 2010 or 12. We all have to keep our eye on the bigger picture.

The state party of which I am often critical finally got its act together in the Nofs election. That was great to see.

When the Mainstream media spins this as not a referendum on Obama, take it from the loser in the 19th, Democrat Marty Griffin.

“What can I say? It’s a Republican year. The Obama euphoria is over,” said Griffin, who was at a Jackson restaurant with subdued supporters.

The above came from the FREEP

As you can see in the article Marty has plenty to gripe about. His seat that he was defending was a Democrat seat. The Democrats won it last time in a close race but lost it in a landslide by 26%, an unheard of number for a competitive district. And the Republicans have widened their Senate control to 21-16.

By the way Tim Walberg must be licking his chops as he looks over these results. Walberg is up and running already to take back the seat he lost in 08, by such a narrow margin.

-----Walberg Link-----

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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