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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My goal -- A Merger

Bob Carr My goal.

I first started my entry into blogging and politics at about the same time. They complement each other. It is a good combination, each feeding the other. As I ventured out into my community through my blogging, I realized the role politics plays was crucial, if I wanted to see things change.

Behind the blogging and political activity lay my conservative view of how the world can best be helped. Not through larger government but by a stronger and better informed, invested and freer citizenry.

I knew that simply writing or blogging about what needed doing was not enough. Being human, I needed a motive or framework to get myself motivated to go out and practice what I preach. I needed an excuse. Blogging I soon realized gave me that extra reason.

Through blogging I met up with a fellow blogger who gave me the encouragement I needed and he also introduced me to local politics. The debt I owe this man is large and has continued to increase to the point where I can only hope to repay his generosity by returning in kind what he has done for me - any other way would be cheap and insulting.

As I became more active in my neighborhood my life became more reality based.
I became more involved with the County Republican Party, which I used in conjunction with my blogging to better equip me to be a benefit to my community.

I soon realized that by getting physically involved, I better understood the problems that I had blogged about earlier. That constant interplay between writing and experience continued to help me in both my blogging and my interaction with politics.

Soon through those two venues, I learned to venture out in the community; until now, I am starting to consider it my community. This is not in the sense of ownership but of a mutuality of concerns and a sharing of dreams with my neighbors.

I am meeting more and more people in my own neighborhood and at the same time through my continued blogging I am meeting people in other neighborhoods, in other counties.

Blogging and politics - those are the tools that I use; and I use them because I find I like to use them. Finally in my life I am doing what I consider important and at the same time something that I feel at home with. Finally something I want to get good at, not just to make a buck.

My goal in politics is to turn the Republican Party into an organization that is a direct benefit to the community. From Governor on down to Precinct Delegate or perhaps better befitting the title of this blog “Bottom Up Politics” from the Precinct Delegate on up to Governor I can envision a party that through its actions helps the people and neighborhoods in which we all live.

Of course we need to win elections, but just as in my case where blogging and social activism merge to stimulate each other, our Party needs to get active in the community and prove that we can be a benefit to it by our Actions, not just by our campaign literature and emails, and yes not even our blogs. Lol

While what the National and State party do and how they do it are important, I have little to no control over that. I can however make a difference at the local level. Even I can afford the dues to join the County Party. Even I can afford to donate some time to something I think will make a small difference in my neighborhood.

Our party is making progress in Muskegon County and across the fruited plane of West Michigan of the Five Counties; of Lake, Mason, Newaygo and Oceana also. Along the same lines I am trying to take the actions of these counties and merge them through my blogging. By going to the different County meetings I am able to blog about the different ideas they come up with that I consider to be good ways to introduce ourselves back into the community.

Some ideas so far have been the “Flag Giveaway” at the various County Fairs, which Muskegon picked up from Oceana. Lake County last year put up “Join the GOP” signs and now Muskegon is in the process of getting 100 made. The idea of supporting a food truck for the needy is also making its way around the counties, through the help of Candidate Bill Cooper and his program “Thanks a Million”. Which by the way I think is an excellent use of campaign monies.

The latest idea ripping through the “Five Counties” was recently put on in Ludington through the Mason County Republicans. This was a Forum about Cap and Trade. This was informative and instructive about how the current legislation in front of Congress will affect our lives. Tom and Gretchen Randall through WinninGreen put on this professional presentation.

From the success of this event, Oceana County has just announced that they too will be putting on the same forum, slated for Dec. 9th. From a recent Newaygo County Meeting I learned that they too along with Lake County are looking at doing the same. Muskegon has set up a committee to also do the same.

Also at Muskegon’s County meeting Jim Riley will again be organizing his Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Wall Mart Dec 10th. Jim would be happy to share his info with the other counties.

For all of these events please see the link below for a calendar of events on my web site Bottom Up Politics.


The Bottom line is that for good things to happen we need to get involved in both our communities and politics. We need to merge the two.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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