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Monday, March 20, 2017

Trump's Bellweather -- April 18th, 2017

Trump Election – Heartfelt or Aberration of the American People

First Test of President Trump’s Electoral Power.

Coming Up Quick - April 18th, 2017

Long time and well liked Representative Tom Price from Georgia’s 6th District was picked by President Donald Trump to be the Secretary of Health and Human Services in his new Cabinet. An outspoken critic of Obamacare Representative Dr. Tom Price a long time Conservative and member of the Congressional Study Group was perhaps the most knowledgeable Health Care Congressman and will fit into his new role well.

However that leaves his seat in Congress vacant – it needs to be filled. -- By a Republican.

Progressive Democrats are chomping at the bit – they smell blood in the water.

Are they right?

The Special Election in Georgia’s 6th District will be held this April 18th (less than a month away). All candidates from all parties will be on the same ballot. A candidate needs to get 50% of the vote to win. If not the two leading vote getters from whatever party will run June 30th in a run-off election.

Here is a link with all the candidates and info.'s_6th_congressional_district_special_election,_2017

Here also is a link explaining who the candidates are.

The news along with Progressive Activists are calling the upcoming Special Election in Georgia’s 6th District a Litmus test of Donald Trump.  They and their money are pouring into Georgia's 6th.
Here is a link showing how messy this could be. The new Progressive darling is Jon Ossoff.

Note from the article. The GA-6th was where Newt Gingrich started and that from then till this last election it was considered a safe Republican seat by double digits. From another source.

Mitt Romney won it by 20 points, while President Trump barely won it with only 1 ½ points. Tom Price in his last election won it by 24 points. The explanation the article gives for this seeming anti-Trump feeling. – “The 6th District, which includes part of Atlanta and its affluent northern suburbs, is loaded with college graduates.”

That is at least consistent, younger affluent (mostly white) college educated suburban voters trying to fit in by casting off their white guilt by voting Democrat. Well I certainly, as a biased reporter hope they will in a month need some crying towels and safe spaces as their candidate loses.

Well back to basics, there are 18 people in the Special Election. Looks like Bob Grey is the leading Republican Trump guy but not one of the leaders in the polls.

However the snarking and the name calling has begun - Bruce LeVelle see the link below. Reminds me of the Presidential Primary – you? Also a wide spectrum of Candidates to choose from Tea Party to Libertarian and I’m sure some never Trumpers, the slate is full.

As for polls, the leading Republican with good local and state connections would be Karen Handel and for the Dems it is Jon Ossoff. They both hold substantial leads over the other candidates at this point.

While I don’t care for Ossoff, it would be unwise to under rate him because of his youth and some pretty stupid looking videos of him. (Do your own googling). He has a lot of experience in politics grass roots style. 

He also seems politically astute, he put “Make Trump Furious” on his website and has been taking in money hand over fist since then. In two months he has taken in $2 million. He like Hillary will be flooding the airways with money. To tell you the truth I’m worried not so much about him as a person but of the image they will be making him into. The media is a mighty tool to fight.

The field is full and we need to pay close attention. (As I find out more I’ll post about it). If nobody get 50% in the primary then there will be a runoff of the 2 top vote getters April 30th for a final vote to see who's going to Washington.  Once we have two candidates we need to do all we can from outside to help the Republican candidate win.

I remember in 2010 Republicans winning most of these pre-election elections which gave them a boost to their momentum going into that election cycle in which they took back the US House. Remember the Special Election that Scott Brown won and the boost that victory gave Republicans in that election?

We need to do all we can to be sure the Dems don’t do that to us with the likes of Jon Ossoff.

I’m expecting no Candidate will get 50% of the vote April 18th and there will be a run-off June 30th. I’m curious to see how both Price and Trump will try to help out the Republican in the run-off and how much it helps.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

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