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Monday, November 18, 2013

Time to Play Our Part

Michigan Senate Race Heating Up.

The biggest battle on the political front for the control of government in 2014 will be for control of the US Senate.  Republicans need to pick up 6 seats without losing any.  Only 5 for a tie but the tie breaker is the President of the Senate – Joe Biden, hence the need for a 6 seat swing.

Sounds pretty tough but two Democrat seats seem pretty safe for Republican pick ups.  There are 4 other Democrat Senate seats up for grabs in states that Obama lost last time.  So it seems there is a chance.
None of the political elite gave Michigan’s Democratic seat a chance of changing hands and becoming Republican until longtime Democrat Sen. Carl Levin said he wouldn’t run this time.  This only let Republican/conservative dreamers like myself think Republicans had a chance.  My dreamer status was born out in 2012 with my failed attempt to help defeat Dem. Debbie Stabenow with my “Dump Debbie” buttons campaign.  May have been a small attempt but qualified me for “Dreamer” Status.

Well since Former Mi. Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land threw her hat into the Republican Primary ring after Levin’s retirement, things have been going her way.  It was first thought that this primary would be jam packed with Republicans forming their well know circular firing squad.  A strategy that worked so well for the Democrats in the past.

I love Pete Hoekstra but he had enough and said so.  Then his heir apparent Congressman Mike Rogers decided not to run.  There were a couple others that while they said they were flattered decided that they weren’t up to it.  Finally the Tea Party favorite Rob Steele bowed out.  Now the coast seemed to be clearing out.  Oh yeah, the parting of the seas.

If this holds true, wouldn’t it be great to be fighting the Democrats instead of ourselves?  What a novel concept.

Terri Lynn Land has many of the necessary attributes to make a success of this race.
1.     1.  Name recognition state wide from her terms and electoral success as Michigan SOS.

2.     2. Her fundraising ability seems to be getting impressive.  Last report was $1 million of her own and another $1 million plus from over 1500 contributors.

3.    3.   Her campaign prowess is indeed impressive.  In a blue state with a winning Democrat governor, state wide she out polled Democrat governor Jennifer Granholm who won the governorship.

With all of this happening her poll numbers have been running slightly behind Democrat Peters, but the tide seems to be turning.
Maybe the Powers that be in the Senate know something we don’t.  Since this whole Obama Care debacle and the polls showing other Dems losing ground perhaps Terri Lynn’s “win ability” is becoming apparent.

More than just a pipe dream for political dreamers like myself.

Politico just put this article out there 11/12/13 by James Hohmann which states that there is to be a fundraiser to be held by 13 Republican Senators in Washington headed by Mitch McConnell.   The article is titled “Michigan Senate race 2014: A Land-ing pad for Senate Republicans”

For those still interested in political divisions within the Republican Party, please note that Senator Rand Paul is on the list of those supporting Terri.  He however was on the stump for Cuccinelli in NY in which Cuccinelli lost by half of the votes garnered by the Libertarian candidate.  Hopefully Libertarians have learned to listen to Rand Paul and will come out for Land.  I think from Cuccinelli's race at least the establishment has learned that they need to support their parties nominee.  They didn't in Virginia and lost a governorship.

With just under a year till the election it is far too early to predict in the fast changing world of politics, but it is rare to have a Republican seeming to be riding a perfect storm made up of many things beyond her control. 

I know that I for one have suffered under a Democrat Michigan for too long.  Our last two elections have turned the tide with a Republican Senate, House, Governor, SOS, and AG.  Guess what, Mi. is turning around?  What do you think?  

I think it’s time to have a US Senator from Michigan.  If you want to get rid of Obama Care there seems no better way to do our bit in helping to take over the US Senate.  

For 2016 you can guess what the next step would be.

It’s time now to start turning America around.

In Michigan we have a chance to do that in a big way.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously Be a Conservative 

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