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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Like John Boehner - So Shoot Me

I like John Boehner-so shoot me.

I worked outside at my new house yesterday in the heat doing some landscaping and I cut down and cut up a tree. After a cool refreshing shower I decided to look and see what was available to watch that evening on TV.

I actually sat down and went through the menu and wrote down what shows I wanted to watch in the little time I had. First on the list was the Tigers Royals baseball game. I also found two others that I wanted to see and figured I could switch back and forth. You know the drill. There was one other however that I saw and thought I “should” see. That is the one of which this post is all about.

C Span was featuring 3 consecutive speeches made at an event hosted by The Young America’s Foundation. These three candidates I had voiced support for and had even helped one with a small donation, but I knew very little about them. So I clicked C Span. Once I started watching I was hooked. The Tigers would have to take care of themselves. Besides Justin Verlander was pitching, I felt safe.

Two of these 3 speakers were leading Conservative Senators. The third was a leading Young-Turk from the US House. All three were young. Two were freshmen and the other was on only his second term. These three are becoming the leaders of the Conservative movement in the Senate and House. One has been talked of as a Presidential Candidate in the near future. Another was elected as Chair of the Republican Study Committee; all three were backed by the Tea Party.

-----link Marco Rubio-----

-----link Jim Jordan-------

-----link Mike Lee---------

As many of you know, I respect and admire Speaker of the House John Boehner. One thing I noticed about the three Conservatives above was that they had little if anything bad to say about Boehner. While they all voted against the Debt Ceiling deal they better than most understood the constraints Mr. Boehner was under and respected the job he was doing so they didn’t have to do it. Even Tea Party favorite Mike Lee gave him respect.

Amongst my Conservative and Tea Party friends I am derided and made fun of on the occasions; when I try to share with them, as I have over the years what Congressman John Boehner has argued for. I am usually not taken seriously. The argument against him is centered around two ideas.

1. He is not conservative enough.
2. He has not accomplished anything.

As to not being conservative enough, let me say he has championed conservative bill after conservative bill since before the new crop of Conservatives was elected. He had been fighting in the trenches in the minority for a long time now. I remember when he threw the actual 2500 page Obama Health Care bill on the floor of the Senate in utter frustration of the unopen, untransparent and uninclusive Obama administration that had promised so much openness. When that hit the floor it made a great big bang.

I remember him also setting up alternative plans in the house. Under his direction a health care alternative was created, an energy plan denying the Cap and Trade Obama plan, and other alternatives including a budget. That was as minority leader as Speaker he has seen the passage of a Cut Cap and Balance as a bill.

A year ago August when he was House Minority Leader and the new batch of “Conservative” Freshmen weren’t elected yet, Congressman Boehner gave a talk to the City Club of Cleveland. You should listen to the speech linked below and see if you still think he is a RINO.


If you do still think he’s a RINO, I’ll put you in with the people that now think Chris Christie is one too because of his defense of his appointment to the bench of a person who is of the Islamic faith.

I’ll further put forth the case that you did not listen to either the Boehner or the Christie video.

-----link Christie Video-----

Just to tweak your bigotry try hating Zuhdi Jasser of the AIFD (American Islamic for Democracy). I know you probably think he is lying and just looking for a sneaky way for Jihadists to sneak into America.

-----link to AIFD-----

If you still believe that after reading the site, you either didn’t read it or you are one of the “Crazies” Christie talks about.

BTW you can throw Glenn Beck under the bus also because he likes Zuhdi Jasser.

Back to the Tea Party and John Boehner.

ICaucus a Tea Party Action group based upon selecting Conservative candidates to run for office believes as one of its main axioms that the US Congress derives its power by picking and choosing which pressure group gets a tax break. It is their further contention that this is where corruption of our government is let in the door and why we cannot stop the growth of government.

I extract from Boehners speech from one year ago this line when talking about President Obama and his desire to pick and choose tax breaks.

“Once again – putting government in the position of picking winners and losers and pitting tax payer against tax payer. The more the government takes the less you have to invest in yourself, your family, your community and your business.”
Does not this match up with ICaucus’s position???

It is my view that Conservatives need not attack our own and if we do for the most part it is for vanity reasons.

All of the Conservatives in government believe in the Constitution and therefore believe in government, they just believe in smaller government. They realize for the most part that to create real change in the system they need an overwhelming majority that will vote their way. All three of the above realize also that it is a waste of time cannibalizing their party just out of spite that they cannot get their way. They are working within the system to change it just as the Constitution says.

For them to succeed there needs to be a revolution in 2012 as we had in 2010. We Conservatives need to concentrate on the races that matter. We need to concentrate on getting rid of the candidates that are against us 80% of the time; and quit trying to throw under the bus those who agree with us 80% of the time.

We need to finish the job.

We need to increase our members in the House and most important win the Senate and the Presidency. For those out there who say we cannot do either because we lack a “Super” Presidential Candidate, whose coattails will help us win the Senate; I say read the following articles. Think Bottom Up Politics.

This Presidential and Senate race coming up is too important. According to the following article the Republicans and Democrats each have about 190 electoral votes. There are over 150 in toss up states.


This next article makes a case close to my heart about how big a role Bottom Up Politics can play in the election and is indeed needed for a Republican Presidential Candidate to win.


It basically says that to win the Presidential election the candidate needs to win the battleground states listed in the link before. If Republicans run good state candidates and they can win popular support that support will take a less than stellar Republican Presidential Candidate over the top in that particular tossup state.

In other words if the Tea Party gets its act together and stirs up positive support for Senate and House candidates and unleashes its fury at the current Liberal leadership or lack thereof and failed Democrat programs, the voting public will respond and those little coattails when put together will sweep the current President out of office.

We Conservatives need to concentrate on defeating incumbent Democrats. If Conservatives can keep pushing and this happens we will be able to take apart the Liberal legislation before it takes hold. The “Rinos” will then be easier to keep in line due to their smaller number. Then we can jump any conservative legislators who want to become more liberal.

Regards Live Dangerously Be a Conservative

Ps. And as we say in Mi. “Dump Debbie” Senator Debbie Stabenow that is.

PPs. The Tigers won the game and it was closer than expected. The Pennant race is heating up and looking good. Pappa Grande got his 32nd Save.