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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Debbie's Doing's

Debbie’s at it again.
Hat tip to Susan for the photo shop

Karen Confer of the Flint Journal wrote the following piece titled, “Stabenow plans to introduce bill to aid production of batteries like in Chevy Volt”

What exactly is Debbie doing again???

Spending another 2 $billion of our money and giving it to companies she likes.
On top of that she is as usual promising that this will create jobs.

How has that worked for Mi. in the past??? I’ll tell you. Better yet read the snippet below from the article.
Jahan Wilcox, a spokesman with the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said Stabenow had said the federal stimulus would create 100,000 jobs in Michigan. Since its passage two years ago, Wilcox said the state has lost 70,000 jobs.

What Mr. Wilcox could have added was that in the Stimulus the jobs that were created cost $278,000 each.

Then there is this from the National Senatorial Committee.
Other Liberals have read the writing on the wall and out of fear of not getting re-elected have chosen to get on the side of cut spending movement. W. Virginia Sen. Democrat Joe Mancin had this quote. ” ‘I don’t believe in tax hikes,’ Manchin said. ‘We have to start living within our means in this country.’”

This was after the 111th Congress led by Pelosi Reed et al. Debbie and her buddies had during that Congress spent more than the first 100 Congresses combined. As a direct cause of that runaway spending the 111th “Historic” Congress received the lowest ever approval rating of 13%.

That dismal approval rating in turn is what caused the electoral drubbing the Democrats received in 2010. The population of the new Congress will not forget too soon I hope what got them there. That overwhelming victory for Republicans and 1st time politicians is what is causing people like Manchin and Nelson to rethink their positions.

The NTU (National Taxpayers Union) and CAGW (Citizens Against Government Waste) both list Sen. Stabenow at 7%. In other words she voted 93% against taxpayers and 93% for creating Government Waste. 7% out of 100% !!! That isn’t even close to a D- it is a flat out F.

I recently heard she is on a diet for her weight, if she did the same with her voting record, then she’d be on to something.

It is time to “Dump Debbie”

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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