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Friday, April 15, 2011

Big Fun in Lansing

Five of us from the Oceana Tea Party carpooled yesterday to the "Keep Them Honest"/Tea Party Rally in Lansing. We had a great time and were energized for our Tax Day Tea Party Rally in Hart later today.(4:30 Fri. at Court House then a march to Veterns Park).

Luckily Senator Goeff Hansen and Representative Jon Bumstead were also getting out of session and were able to give us a guided tour of the Senate and House Chambers, before the rally started. Representative Holly Hughes from Muskegon's 91st district made an appearance also.

The speakers were all good. Ruth Johnson, Bill Schuete, Rev.Yulie, Herman Cain, Dick Morris, Kyle Olson, and Scott Haggerstrom. As far as I know, Herman Cain broke the news that he was forming an exploratory committee for his candidacy for the President of the US.

After the rally look who we saw walking down the street. As I was a "Ruth Captain" and Andy Sebolt who was with me was the Secretary of States "Secret Shopper"
We had a nice chat. Barb VanderVeen, Ruth's assistant was with her. It was nice to see Barb again.

This is a pic of a Mother and Daughter and their signs. I doesn't get any better than this.

Not to forget, below is a pic from our last Tues. Cozy Conservative Corner weekly breakfast we have every week Tuesday at 8am at LaFiesta in Hart.

Finally I took this at my old haunt in Muskegon. Morning Bear (sitting down)along with some others has started getting the raised garden beds ready for planting at our Community Garden.

Some things and people I do miss in Muskegon.
But then again I'm happy visiting. LOL

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Jason Gillman said...

Good shots and great report!

Thank you

live dangerously said...

Sorry I missed your comment
Since I moved it has taken me awhile to get back into blogging and digging into my new precinct and county etc.
Thanks JG