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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The "Year of the Elephant"

For the “Year of the Elephant” to become a reality Republicans have to pick up a net gain of 39 seats in the US House. That is a lot of races to try to follow. Our National Committeeman from Michigan Saul Anuzis puts out a newsletter that is really good and to the point. In that newsletter he highlighted a map of the districts nationwide that we need to win.

That started me thinking and researching. I wanted to find a way to tell how the effort to win back the US House was progressing and maybe a cheat sheet for the upcoming Nov. elections.

Then I came across the site below.

This site is great.

As far as you or me helping out these candidates; any of the tight races across the Republic could use our help. Since my site is called “Bottom Up Politics” I will focus on the Michigan races. From the site above I find there are three races that are winnable. Three Michigan races needed to win the US House back.

They are the 1st district (the UP) with (Rep) Dr. Daniel Benishek vs. (Dem) McDowell, the 7th district with (Rep) Tim Walburg vs. incumbent (Dem) Mark Schauer and lastly the 9th with (Rep) Andrew (Rcoky) Raczkowski vs. incumbent (Dem) Gary Peters.

As the article states, the most winnable is the 1st district followed by the 7th and lastly the 9th which if it ends up in the Republican column may well signal not only control of the House but a landslide across the board.

Below is Benishek’s ranking from the website above.

Next is Walburg’s.

Lastly Rocky’s.

This sight is pretty awesome. Take some time and look through it.

The “Year of the Elephant” is upon us and with our help it may come to pass, which could set up a winning coalition for the 2012 elections.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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