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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Upcoming Meeting, Thoughts

At our Caucus in Muskegon Co. we decided to meet 1/2 hour early to discuss ways to revive the PD/volunteer effort. Needless to say I sat down and wrote these thoughts; then emailed them out. Our monthly caucus had between 15-20. Click on pic to enlarge.

Been thinking of ways to get membership for the Muskegon Cournty Republican Party. The issue seems to be of two parts.

1. Signing them up
2. Keeping them once signed

Signing them up is a pretty straight forward project and we can look to the dems as a case in point. Last election as I travelled with Karen around the festival circuit, there were Dem. booths set up to sign up voters. These booths were set up by volunteers with an overriding goal driving them. Electing the first Black President. So for our effort we need not only volunteers and the booth we need a slogan to put on all the booths and all we do; to not only let people know what we are doing but to remind ourselves why we are doing it. We need a “Greater Good” to fight for. The Liberals are giving us plenty to choose from. The Tea Party angst is something we could use. Let us not pick just one individual issue, let us pick a general slogan that will include all the ammo the Dems are giving us. Maybe “Enough is Enough, Vote Republican” I don’t care. Something to tie into the frustration people have because they feel they are being steamrolled by big government. The whole thing with the booth is to be active, like carnival hawkers, fire up the people; not passive. Teams are always better than singles. Ie draw them in, sign them up.

1. Enough is Enough, Vote Republican
2. Be Different, Vote Republican
3. Take a Chance, Vote Republican
4. Be different than your Parents. Vote Republican
5. Be an Individual, Vote Republican
6. Self Reliance, Vote Republican
7. Live Dangerously Be A Republican

The second part is the hard part. Once we get people to join the Party we need to keep that flame alive. We need to have things that the new and old can do “immediately” that will keep that feeling of “making a difference” stay alive. The Party needs to be the infrastructure around which new faces will find a home and place to vent their angst in positive ways. If a new comer asks, what can I do? We need a list of things to chose from. Things to sign up for.

1. Salvation Army Bell Ringing
2. Poll watching and poll working
3. PD sign up
4. Event volunteer signup sheet.
5. A list to sign to create their own event.
6. We need to keep that list current and add to it.
7. Watching the GOP Headquarters
8. List of candidates asking for volunteers.

We seem to be taking on the position that we don’t want to overtax the faithful few. I believe that if the faithful few actually saw results and new members flow from their efforts they would not be overtaxed but overjoyed.

We need individual as well as Party action. A few big things which we already have, Lincoln Day, our new GOPotluck and Youth Fair are good and should be built upon. These are good and could be added to somewhat. Our New Tradidtion of a GO Potluck could really be built upon with kids rides and a cook out not only for the chosen few but for all.
We also need individual fueled things. Small things; from my neighborhood, a group could help serve breakfast once a month at the First Congregational church. Just a few Republicans gathering once a month for an activity of their choosing to help out and let our faces be seen doing it. In that regard it doesn’t get any better than Jim Riley stroke of genius in the Salvation Army Bell Ringing. Honest Obvious and straightforward = letting people know we care and help out when needed in our communities.

To back up this effort we need to create a “Presence” in our communities. IE the PD thing. How we do it or what we call it is not important. That we do it is. That we provide constructive things for people will not only keep them, but help to reinvent ourselves. Will cause us to be a Party of individuals getting together how and when we want to help in our own ways our own communities.

We need to get tied in with the local groups like the Lions etc, Marve’s Old fashioned Christmas Days etc. and get their event into and put those events on the list for volunteers. I would love to see The Muskegon GOP as a place community groups send info to hoping to get our help.

Let us not forget that the Party can be more than any one candidate, it should be here to help define itself and gather a base of support for all candidates.

I know it is a badge of honor to have been able to fight our way into the GOP party, but maybe we should start looking at ways to make it a little easier to get new members to be actually active in the party. Who knows it might be fun to have new members that were there because of the Party and not in spite of it.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Anonymous said...

Bob - one way to increase interest is to at least get the official site update once a century or so. I missed the noon meeting (which would have been my first primarily because there is no place it is listed and I had to dig out you e-mail to me with the meeting times/dates.) Are the Republicans so inept that they can't learn how to update a web site? I will try to make it next week to the general meeting (guess it is next week since it is suppossed to be the third Monday of the month and using my fingers/toes to figure it out I think that is right). Good lord - help drag the party into the 21st century - they need an interactive web-site with an events listing that is kept up to date. By the way - my intent was to also post the the meeting date on the Tea Party website which gets a lot of traffic but since I am still unsure I have my facts right I will wait until I have attended a meting or two.

live dangerously said...

Hi anonymous.

I have no controll over the GOP website. We didn't have one and that was the genesis of this blog. I started it to list the candidates and contact #s for Republicans.
On the side bar of this site as you scroll down I have a calendar of events. I try to keep it current.

Welcome to the site and hope to meet you at future meetings of the GOP. My email is

If you want to get on the mailing list for Musk. Co. GOP news let me know. Susie Hughes our co-chair has been doing an excellent job of sending out emails for all upcoming events and reminders.
along with general news.

As the next post/blog says, we innaugurated Monday Madness which wwill follow the monthly business meeting.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative. Always feel free to contact me.
Bob Carr