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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Integrity and the Rule of Law

When I was first asked to become a Precinct Delegate (PD), I asked what I had to do. I was told not to worry about it; I didn’t have to do anything if I didn’t want to. Since then I have been on a quest to find out what a Precinct Delegate is and what can they do. I wanted to answer my question of “why become a PD”

There is a big story breaking in the news concerning the Tea Party and the Tea "PARTY" in Michigan.

Let me explain.

First the Tea Party

If you ask anyone, they know what the Tea Party is; they have seen it on TV, read about it in their newspapers and seen it plastered all over the internet news services both good and bad.

Fair warning I am the Chair of our local Tea Party; believe me we fall somewhere in-between “good and bad”. Speaking from experience the Tea Parties throughout the state have been committed to not forming a 3rd party because as we have seen in the past (Ross Perot comes to mind) a 3rd party only divides the Conservative vote.

Now the Tea "PARTY".

The big news story is the attempt of someone or some group not connected with any known Tea Party group has claimed the name Tea Party as its own and is setting up a political Party, a 3rd party. They have gathered enough signatures to get put on the Michigan ballot this November. Those signatures are now in front of the State Board of Canvassers. They will probably ok it.

Next they held the required state party convention to nominate candidates for their party.

In that same document they also usurped along with our name the Icon of our Tea Party movement. Below is a picture of our coiled snake with the caption Don’t Tread on Me. If this fraudulent effort is allowed to stand; your ballot this November will have along with the Democrat name and Logo of a Donkey and the Republican name and logo of an Elephant, the name Tea PARTY and the logo of the coiled snake.

If you watch the news you would more than likely know what that symbol means to those in the original Tea Party movement. It is one of the Icons of the Tea Party movement from the beginning. I remember buying my first “coiled snake” flag in Grand Rapids. It proudly graces our regular Tea Party monthly group meetings now.

Why is all this important?

All this activity to start a 3rd party in Michigan is shrouded in secrecy. The person filing the signatures is an unknown union worker who contributed to two different places last year for a combined total less than $100 dollars. The Consulting firm was paid over $100,000 to collect signatures. Nothing else is known. His address is a PO box and repeated tries have received no answer.

The recent “Convention” they claimed to have had was also shrouded in secrecy. No publicity, no location, and no exact time. In all reality probably just some phone calls were made. However over 20 candidates were nominated including those for Secretary of State, Attorney General and all the State House and State Senate races which are considered a tossup for this coming election.

The Mackinaw Center’s article below points out how the Political Director of the Oakland Co. Democrat Party notarized almost half of the Candidates that the “Tea PARTY” nominated.

The Mackinaw Center’s publication, Capitol Confidential just ran an article by Tom Gantert claiming a “smoking gun” has been found linking this “Tea PARTY” to the Michigan Democrat Party Oakland branch.


So – what does this have to do with my being a Precinct Delegate? After reading the article above and having met Mr. Gillman through the Tea Party circuit; I realized that because I had become a PD I knew the terminology behind the method through which Mr. Gillman ferreted out the smoking gun.

The article quotes Mr. Gillman as saying "I couldn't get hold of these people (candidates)," said Gillman, who then said he knew that they had to file affidavits of identity with the state when running for political office. "Otherwise, it's like these people don't exist."

As I read the article I knew what the “affidavit of identity” was because I had to fill out one myself and get it notarized when I ran for PD. Just the background and information I picked up to become a PD helped explain the article and gave me a clearer picture of this whole mess and the way the political process is being corrupted.

This goes to the sanctity of the individual vote.

For all the candidates for Secretary of State who are reading this and have been hounding me for my vote because I’m a PD; if you take a strong stand right now on this issue, it will mean more to me than all the emails, snail mails and robocalls touting your integrity.

That is one of the answers to my question – “why become a PD”

The other answer to that question comes in the knowledge I have found out about the political process and how as a PD I can make a difference. As a PD I have a direct say in who becomes the nominee for my party for SOS and AG among others at the State Convention. I found out they weren’t nominated on the primary ballot but rather at convention of which I as a PD have a voter.

The bottom line is that words and symbols mean something and should be protected. When words and symbols can be corrupted and fraudulently used to corrupt the vote of honest Americans – Well - That Should Be Illegal.

The honesty and integrity of the rule of law is what my version of the Tea Party movement stands for, the integrity of my voting rights is what I’ll fight for.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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