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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Conservative Duty.

As a Conservative I know it is my duty to protect my Individual Freedoms. By doing that I help protect other peoples Individual Freedoms. From this our Country remains strong. This concept is a true “Bottom Up” concept.

The only key to letting this work in a way that will benefit society at large is the ability of myself to self regulate the use of my Individual Freedom. Hence my belief in Conservative Principles to help guide my use of my Individual Freedoms.
We wrote a Constitution that guarantees my right to do that. We enumerated the limited role government has in that regard. We stated those limited roles specifically to insure that the government didn’t overstep and limit our Individual Freedoms.

In this blog I will show on a practical side things I can do that help protect my Individual Freedom. Those ways are simply based on the idea above that if I use some of my Individual Freedoms so that others can better use theirs, a better society results.

I recently blogged about a person in our party who bought a gleaners truck of 10,000 lbs of food and distributed it for less than $1,000. He did this for his wife who wanted to do it as a nice thing to do. Also as a way to help give a lesson in sharing and helping, to her family.

How is this different from the government giving out food in our name? Seems obvious. The donation for the food was voluntary in every sense. The effort to distribute and set up the whole thing was done by individuals (without pay) out not only out of a desire to help their fellow citizens get a little ahead, but to somehow help themselves. I realize that a bag of groceries in itself will not allow someone to get out of a hole, but maybe the thought will. Maybe those doing the giving will also get more connected to the problem and be able to better decide in the future what can and what shouldn’t be done to help.

I’m not saying to scrap food stamps. What I’m saying is I want to do what I can to make it common knowledge that “Individual” people can and should be “Free” to do what they feel best doing. The best way with what little I have is to do that by example.

I have been talking with Our New County Leadership along those lines. There is real support there. I do not claim to be the instigator of this but I want to help facilitate it to the best of my ability. I would like to take this a step further and instead of just finding individuals with the necessary money. I would like to see a few small active fundraisers with volunteers to help spread the word and create a buzz about the Republican Gleaners Truck load food give away. Either way it will be a good thing.

We need to build our base and this type of activity is a great way to show new Republican what we stand for. Give them AND us a way to show our Party Colors.

This type of thing could become regular. Off that working platform we could do other types of things. Toys for Tots, Blood Drives, a lot of ideas come to mind.

I know about shoveling snow as this last blizzard taught me. It finally broke me. Luckily it all just melted. I do know that I would feel good if I could help some other person who is “Broke”. I would like to get a group of hardy youth to help shovel some sidewalks. Maybe do some leaf raking. I know this is a stretch and not very Republican especially for “old White Men” like myself. But if we find the volunteers it would be up to us to facilitate the project as best we can.

Plenty of things are possible, let your mind at least be “Free”. This is what this blog is all about. At the base of all Freedom is the Freedom of thought. Let us all think Freely for a change, about what we can do, not why we shouldn’t.

As always feel free to contact me about anything along these lines.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Bob Carr

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