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Thursday, February 16, 2017

“Death by China”

How to talk to liberals.

“Death by China”

Just watched the documentary “Death by China”. It was produced in 2011. This one is streaming or if you want it is on Netflix.

Obama was President then. It was narrated by Martin Sheen a liberal actor activist. By all methods of pre-judging this should have been a Liberal blitz against free enterprise and Republicans in general.

It was and it wasn’t. The main reason for this Chinese “trade war” was placed at the feet of the huge International Corporations and the very rich. There you go, that was the liberal mantra then as it is now. It is as hypocritical then as now. But in retrospect after 5 more years of President Obama since it was released this movie can serve as a pretty resounding pat on the back of our current President Donald Trump. Whom the narrator Martin Sheen called an “Empty Headed Moron” just 3 months before the Nov. 2016 election. Guess Martin was narrating by the word and not from the heart. But of all the candidates it was Trump who incessantly campaigned about the horrible really horrible trade deals we have with China and how we need to even up the trade balance between our two countries and he promised to do just that.

In the past, my blogs have mentioned how the Dems and elites in general have ignored what they claim was their base. This documentary shows through interviews with liberal stalwarts of the Democrat base how the trade deficit with China is killing America and stealing our money ideas and above all jobs. They are stealing those jobs from that base that won the election for Trump. From people on the street interviews up to Richard Trumpka President of the AFL-CIO and all sorts of liberals in-between, we find out that Middle America - working class America even in 2011 was being used as cannon fodder in the fake trade war with China. I call it fake because one side – our side – wasn’t fighting back and for a fight as I see it two sides have to be engaged. Otherwise one side is just considered an accomplice of the aggressor.

“Death by China” was an expose showing how China has through currency manipulation and illegal subsidies of exports and trade barriers to imports ruined the balance of trade with America. How have through these practices enticed American companies into moving our manufacturing and jobs into China. The movie explains pretty graphically how through this China is able to re-engineer our technologies and in effect steal our best and brightest ideas.

I remember liberals telling me that it was ok to lose the “dirty” factories and how we in the US would supply the brain power and ideas and somehow survive and even flourish without manufacturing. I guess they thought we would supply all the services to the up and coming Chinese. You know the beauty salons, work out gyms, nail places, and hamburger places. Huh?

This documentary was excellent as compared to most conservative documentary works in explaining what happens when you lose manufacturing - when you make less than you consume. Richard Trumpka President of the AFL-CIO was quoted as saying America – “Can’t be a world power if you don’t make anything but Hot Air.”

Though written in the age of Obama, it explains how it was the entry into the World Trade Organization under President Clinton that China is breaking the back of America’s might. Part of the program showed how then Governor Clinton picked up support by blaming top Corporations for shipping our jobs to China – for not caring about the working man. People believed him and he became President. As President he quickly threw his weight behind China becoming a member of the World Trade Organization. In his speech he talked about how through free trade we would be hiring thousands more to supply the demand of a growing China. He promised jobs, jobs, and more jobs. People believed him and he won a second Term.

The Democrats ever since my youth called themselves the Party of the People. Well with the China deal the people were finally and for good sold out by the Democrats to the International Corporations which they so love to tell you they hate. I guess they love their money more. Republican Administrations while talking a good game of free trade made the same sell offs. They too did little to hinder China and put “America First”.

Well reality settled in and the jobs left the steel belt and it turned into the rust belt. Because of a lack of strong Presidential leadership China has continued its winning trade war with America and Middle America was hurting. Then along came Donald Trump promising to make America Great again. He said outright that he would bring China to heal, along with renegotiating other bad “global” orientated deals back into the favor of the US. Along with seemingly an anti-business streak, an anti-coal perversion and a record of deceiving and ignoring their so-called base the Democrat Party has suffered massive losses in that base. The American people needed an alternative to that and voted Trump in because they believed in him.

For those of you interested, this movie is a perfect example or primer on how to talk to all different kinds of liberals. There are sections of why China is bad for the environment, bad for the working man, bad for rural America, even why their products are bad for your health. You name a liberal cause and this documentary is telling Democrats to believe that China’s intrusion into the American economy is bad for it. In other words they are reiterating what Donald Trump has repeatedly said.

In Trump’s inimitable negotiating style before he was elected he told the Wall Street Journal about China "I would talk to them first…..Everything is under negotiation, including One China.” To think that Trump has backtracked on his promises about China is simplistic and not in line with his above quote. Things are changing in China, their “boom” is slowing way down, and they have been forced lately to prop up their dollar “Yuan Renminbi” to the tune of $800 billion. This seems to put the US and Trump in even a better negotiating position in my opinion.

Any action plan will also have to wait on Trump’s pick for Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnunchin to be confirmed by the Senate. As Trump said in his news conference his picks are being unduly held up and stalled for way longer than normal.

Well as you can tell I was impressed with the documentary but more than that I saw unlimited ways to talk to liberals in favor of Trump and his policies. Although I doubt Martin Sheen would admit it, he has made a great case for the policies of President Trump and against the previous Democrat and Republican Presidents waffling when it comes to China.

In general also people are starting to wake up to the realities. A backlash is building against the constant barrage against Trump in the Media. As they proved in the Primaries and Election the ignored and discredited people in Middle America – fly over country - have a voice and can speak up.

The Media portrays President Trump as way down in the polling numbers when he is not.

According to a Presidential Tracking poll for today 2/16/17, 55% of likely voters think Trump is doing a good job.

After listening to the Trump PR in the Green Room, I can see why. Wow did he hand them their heads and did it with a smile to boot. The Media is falling all over themselves trying to find a way to spin it. It is becoming funny to hear it. It’s like laughing after the same people cry wolf or say the sky is falling for the thousandths time. People are just shrugging it off and judging Trump on his actions – the media is losing their credibility. Their proof has left their pudding a long time ago.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

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