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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

“The Undefeated” -- Palin ??? “You Betcha”

“The Undefeated” -- Palin ??? “You Betcha”

Real Clear Politics published an article by Scott Conroy reviewing a recent film by film maker Stephen K. Bannon entitled “The Undefeated”. Filmmaker Bannon’s credits include the Ronald Reagan based “In The Face of Evil” and Tea Party bio “Generation Zero”.


The film is a done deal and set for release in June.

The making of this film in my eyes should let everyone know that Sarah Palin will be soon joining the cast of contenders for the GOP Presidential nomination frenzy. Conroy’s article in Real Clear Politics points this out as evidence along with the fact that Sarah and Scott bought a house in Arizona plus the factoid that their daughter Bristol also bought one there.

The timing of the release coupled with the fact of it being premiered in Iowa of course seem to leave little doubt of the purpose of this film.

Also of little doubt is the fact that I have always considered Palin to be my first choice for President. In fact in a poll of our local conservative breakfast group 6 months ago I picked a Palin/Christie ticket as my dream pair to beat Obama/Biden.

I too agree with the making of movies supporting conservative ideas and candidates. I have been a big proponent of those trying to get conservative thought into main stream media through at first with think tanks and talk radio then blogging then facebook, twitter and websites and later the momentum building through PJTV and Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood then into the more mainstream venues such as music, TV and movies. Now with Fox news giving the process a supercharge, we are off and running. We (conservatives) have made it into the main stream public awareness.

For the Palin movie to be a success it needs to be put out as widely as possible, perhaps even cable but for sure on Netflix etc so the Tea Party along with other Conservative groups can take advantage of it.

The role of the Tea Party is mixed in with the cause and effect of all this conservative ascendency. As was the role of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party in the 2010 elections. The Tea Party was a coalition of the old Reagan “three legged stool”.

I must say here that I when I look at the GOP Primary choices I also see a portrait of the GOP in general. There is a fight within the Party. The Elite represented by Romney and now Huntsman and Giuliani which also included Mitch Daniels until he bowed out leaves the rest of the field in most ways sounding like Tea Party supporters in one way or the other. (Palin, Bachman and the born again Reaganesq Pawlenty, plus all the rest.)

As I look at the GOP County parties, I see the majority of them in Michigan where I live as being heavily influenced by the Tea Party “ethic”. That ethic includes for the most part what the Republican Party used to stand for. Things like smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and traditional values.

What this country needs and what I am doing all I can to accomplish in the national 2012 election is to win back the Presidency and the Senate while keeping the House; in short to win a governing majority.

If the elites win then they will have the mechanism of their party to try to win in 2012 but may lose the ground troops that helped them to such a success in 2010 and run a chance of losing the ground gained in 2010 with the Tea Partiers. If the Tea Party side of this battle wins, then they will have the ground troops but still lack the mechanism of a national party. What we need to do is what Reagan did by constructing the three legs of conservative thought into a stable “three legged stool” upon which he stood to win landslide elections. Douglass V. Gibbs in “Political Pistachio” in critiquing this “stool” struck a truth by pointing out the following.
Reagan's policies were built on three ideas; free enterprise, strong defense, and pro-family social policies. He chose these three because they, of course, reflected his own values, but he also realized that each of these ideas have enormous appeal on their own. I was attracted to the conservative philosophy as a young Christian and noticed that Reagan's philosophy was very strong when it came to traditional family values. Over the last few decades, economics have become my passion and expertise, but it started with a concern in culture (and this remains important to me)
Link for the above.

The key in the Pistachio quote to me is that free enterprise and strong defense are based and can only be run successfully on family/social policies. For too long we have as a nation been ignoring the moral beliefs of our heartland as we focused on dollars and very little “common” cents.

Without ethics and morals free enterprise lacks roots. You could say free enterprise’s roots are the morals we use to keep it working. Look at the recent breakdown in the cities in restaurants, and stores. (People being beat up and killed because they couldn’t wait in line. You’ve seen the pictures.)

I just feel that the Tea Party is built by people that see this need in our society to get back to the basic ethics of self reliance and individual freedom this country was founded on, where freedom and respect were earned.

As this primary battle continues, the infighting has a chance to become bloody. The biggest chance for damage is within the “conservative” wing of the party. When we throw Ron Paul and Herman Cain into the mix we may see some fireworks. Indeed there have been casualties so far; Gingrich, Huckabee, Barbour, Daniels and of course “The Donald”. At one point there were 15 possibles. Within the Tea Party alone there are still 4-5.

The liberal wing of the GOP however may also see some bloodletting. Rudi Giuliani seems to be going full throttle for an early NH primary win against Mitt Romney.
Don’t get me wrong. I love primaries even if they are bloody. Primaries are the only chance for new ideas and leaders to come along. The primaries capture the minds and hearts of the bases for the candidates the trick is to keep them fired up and get them united as Reagan did. Whether Sarah Palin or anyone can pull it off is yet to be seen.

Hopefully Obama and his followers will see it as an excuse not to organize and work as hard as last time. (BUT I Doubt it)

What we need to do is never lose sight of is how bad it is now and why. Whoever wins the GOP nomination we will be far better off than what we have now.

Palin’s quote from Thomas Pain seems apropos here.
“If there be trouble, let it be in my day that my child may have peace,…”We will see if it still resonates.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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