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Friday, November 19, 2010

Thursday’s Carmen Group was great fun.

This group is working out well and turning into what I envisioned; a place where coalitions can be formed and maintained to further the conservative cause.

Present were people in leadership in the Republican Party, the Tea Party, County Commissioners, Center Right Bloggers, and just general citizens interested in getting information on all sorts of topics.

This meeting has no agenda rather those who have the most to say get heard. Kind of a “free enterprise” competition of ideas.

If anyone has some idea to push they are free to do so. However speeches are shunned. I’ve started with the help of Susie Hughes a “Dump Debbie” campaign, I passed out buttons and Susie made up some flyers. My idea is to get Debbie Stabenow’s face out there to become the face conservatives love to dislike; kind of like Michigan’s version of Nancy Pelosi.

Later too I passed around a sheet for the Carmenites to hazard a guess as to who the Republicans will nominate for Pres,and Vice Pres. In 2012. Lots of names and interesting combinations popped up. Palin and Romney in either slot appeared the most times however it was nice to see Christie, DeMint, Jindal and others in the mix.

All of the above was just a small part of the talk as 3 or 4 different conversations were being carried on depending where you sat at the table.

With a city commissioner here and the wife of another plus Jim Riley an avid watcher of the commission’s goings on there were some lively and in-depth discussions.

I can only hope The new Conservative Breakfast group I just started up in Hart will evolve into such a thing.

Also myself and three others have started laying the ground work for an Oceana Tea Party. We had our first sit down at a residence in Mears. This may take awhile to get off the ground due to the fact that a lot of people in Oceana take off and go to Florida or whatever in the Winter, but we exchanged emails and Phone #s to keep in touch. Already yesterday I got a call with a prospective member, a dentist who said he and some of his staff would be interested. I’ll call them. Who knows we may start having some preliminary meetings.

If you are reading this and live in Oceana County and wish to get in on the ground floor please call me
Bob Carr

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