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Saturday, November 15, 2008

A True - Live Dangerously Man.

I like to play at “Live Dangerously, Be A Conservative”.
This guy doesn‘t play, and hasn’t for a long time.
I’ve been following and highlighting him for 6 months now and this latest blog shows that he is one of the Conservative Stars on the Horizon and in the Trenches. His expertise is Franklin like. But his knowledge of the sin of public schools is becoming legendary.

As a Party we need leaders that are young enthusiastic and most importantly able to simply, logically and in a common sense way, demonstrate unequivocally the failed liberal ideas, then give easy to understand Conservative Solutions. We need it NOW and in the neighborhoods where the most damage is being done. I call this stark method of communication a new language I‘m christening as “Conservativeese”, it really not that new, it used to be called common sense.

Leaders on the Right are emerging who speak and believe in this new language. I’m learning it by immersing myself with you tubes of Sarah Palin who became famous for it. Bobby Jindal who put it to use and resurrected Louisiana. Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich who sequentially took over the government in the recent past using this same language and message.

Akindele’s no-nonsense, old school, honest, in your face with a reality check method, works because he offers obvious common sense solutions. It is the same language. Same message.

I was going to cut and past highlights in this article where Akindele address the failure of the liberals to stop the break down of our public school system, and explains how they have fought tooth and nail against making any change. How they say one thing then another. This guy is really on the cutting edge of the education issue. If you check out his blog you will see that he is also creating on the ground, real solutions. Not that he needs it but a “Two Bottom Up” award from Bottom Up Politics.

I will let you draw your own conclusions. To do so. Read it.

In order to bring this down to the parameters of “Bottom Up Politics” I will say thatIn Muskegon there is an effort underway to start up an Academy by Bishop Wells and others. I think Akindele would agree that at this point any competition against the public school monopoly is good. I need to find out more, do some footwork, do some talking and help if I can. Now I have some home work to do for this blog.

Newt Gingrich has come up with his concept of a “tri-partisan majority” in which a majority of Liberals, Conservatives and Independents believe in on an issue. Well the education issue, as Akindele agrees is an issue that transcends race and class. We have a chance here to change the system for the better and in the doing win a lot of converts. Republicans had been making inroads until we reverted back to our default Country Club Top Down Leadership mode. But as Akindele points out all parents want their children to have a chance at the best we have to offer. I also think that this issue should transcend the division within our own party. We have a golden opportunity let’s use it.

My one cut and paste I will do from Akindele’s article is something I too believe.
“It‘s time to stand up and take education on.”

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

4 comments: said...

Akindele is a pretty OK guy, I'll admit.

Someone should start a fan club or something.


Bruce Lilley said...

Agreed, however, he must become a better writer. either get an editor or proof read twice. There are far too many typos and adolescent gramatical errors which damage the credibility of his message

Bruce Lilley said...

Agreed, however, he must become a better writer. Either get an editor or proof read twice. There are far too many typos and adolescent gramatical errors which damage the credibility of his message.

live dangerously said...

Hi Bruce.
I assume you're talking about me, I agree. I reread my blog and I do make alot of mistakes. In my hurry to get something out I overlook the obvious. I apologize grammer and spelling mistakes are annoying.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.