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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Convenience just got More Convenient

The New 7-Eleven

Hovering Above You.

Who’d of thunk it? With giants like Google and Amazon trying to get Drone delivery it was 7-Eleven who delivered the first consumable items from a real outlet store to an actual customer and has done it several times by drones to different customers.

Yup the first delivery was a hot chicken sandwich along with some hot coffee in Reno Nevada. This was done by a company called Flirtey in partnership with 7-Eleven.

Convenience just got more convenient.

Combine that with a robot and my lazy boy, phone and bed and I won’t have to do anything or even go out of the house. Just by speaking I could get “Jarvis”, or a “Maid” to wash the dishes, clean the clothes and put another log on the fire. I wouldn’t even need to get married. I could pick a robot who could be dumb as a board or have the brilliance of someone who has google to back up their mind. Pretty or not the choice would be mine.  

FREEDOM Wow. -------- ?????????????????

There is this which is here now already for $10,000 for pleasure, sorry for those who might think this is a bit much, but it is for sale. Nice to know what is coming or not – your choice.

or maybe just someone to do the chores. A lot less morally challenging but are they both leading to the same end?

I guess I better be careful as this probably will work both ways – who would want to have a “lazy boy” lay about, good for nothing but consuming thing like I would become? I too could be replaced.

What then happens when the robots through the GOOGLE’s of the world are making all the decisions about what is good for me, you? What good would I or you actually be? Wouldn’t we just become nuisances? Much cheaper for machines to do the work, we could make them to be needy of food and consumables and most important to be able to earn and pay taxes and spend.  Think of what we could charge them for up-keep and maintenance? That would keep the entitled happy and in robots for life.

Oh well until then guess I’ll just order a drone to get me a Big Mac, fries and strawberry shake and have Jarvis or well maybe Sarah my beautiful “Maid” take it out of the box and serve it to me as I lay back in my lazy boy and play on the internet and watch TV.

And as they say “Let History take care of itself”. Maybe if I feel guilty about it I could start a company that builds robots to protest the mechanization of or moral decline of society and that would g
o vote for me. 

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

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